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Pioneer Releases Lightweight Headphones

Pioneer SE-M390

Pioneer Japan has designed the lightweight SE-M390 Stereo Headphones with a 40mm driver, a strengthened 3.5 meter cord, and a “free-adjust” headband.  The phones carry a frequency response of 5 to 29,000 Hz, an impedance of 32 ohms, a neodymium magnet driver, and a mini/standard gold-plated plug. They also feature the company’s Bass Duct with a subwoofer outlet. The headphones are available for $55.00, with a freebie 1.5m extension cord included, at Audio Cubes.

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Organic Blu-Rays Unveiled

Blu-ray DiscMitsubishi and Pioneer have developed BR-D discs made with organic materials, which should reduce the cost of making them. Announced at CEATEC 07 in Japan, the companies will not commercialize them until the end of this year or the beginning of the next. They also announced that they can burn them at a speed of 2x and are working on 4x with multiple layers. Wouldn’t it be nice if “organic” implied that they would be edible after they wear out? Mmmm, chocolate Blu-raspberry ray.

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Pioneer Releases Blu-Ray Player

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Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray Player

It’s Pioneer’s turn to out a new Blu-ray player with their Elite BDP-95FD. It features a 1080p 24 frames per second reproduction rate and outputs audio formats including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+, and DTS-HD. It also has a simple graphical user interface for simple navigation. The player is compatible with Windows/XP/Vista/Media Center, as well as Linux and Mac with software. Its remote can control other CEC-enabled products. Look for the player next month with a $1000.00 price tag.


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Pimp Your Computer with a Blu-ray Drive

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Pioneer BDC-2202

Got an extra $300 handy? If so, next month you can get yourself a Pioneer BDC-2202, a drive for your PC that reads and writes Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs. The BDC-2202 writes data at a speed of 5X—five times faster than the original Blu-ray recorders (it writes double-layer Blu-ray discs at 2X). The next-gen drive even includes software for transferring video from camcorders to Blu-ray (or DVD) and any disc created on the Pioneer can be played on your brand new PS3 and other Blu-ray drives. While there have been other Blu-ray drives for the PC, this is certainly one for a great price, especially when compared to the pricier living room versions.

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