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Pillow Interface for NES PunchOut

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Fighting, Mods/Hacks, Nintendo,

PunchOut Interface

If you dug the old NES game PunchOut, then you will surely like “kirton’s” interface. He took a foam filled bag with impact sensors then wired them to a PC game pad. This transfers the impact of the game through an NES emulator. The software also includes visual feedback as the sprite turns pink when hit and an LED indicator flashes. Eventually, he wants to include a strobe light to emulate character disorientation when punched. You can get all the details on Instructables.


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Napbook Laptop Case Doubles as Pillow

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NapbookHafsteinn Juliusson designed the Napbook, a laptop case that can double as a pillow. It was created for students, business folk between sessions, or anyone who has the need to catch a few winks. Because the Napbook is only available at the Apple store in Reykjavik, Iceland, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to pick up an inexpensive pillow, cut out some of its innards, and make your own.

Check out Hafsteinn’s other ideas, including his Slim Chips, flavored paper with no calories and Growing Jewelry, made with live Icelandic moss.

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Pillow Decreases Snoring

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Snore Stopping PillowDaryoush Bazargani snores. How convenient that he just happens to be a computer science professor at the University of Rostock in Germany. He has come up with a special pillow and attached it to a computer on his nightstand that analyzes the noise. The computer then creates or takes away pockets of air within the pillow. The result that it eases nasal airflow to minimize snoring. Still in the prototype stage, we are up for any solution that results in less noise pollution when we are trying to crash.

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Trade Your Uncomfortable Earbuds In for a Pillow

Mi Pillow

Mi Pillow contains integrated speakers with a built-in amp and can connect to your iPod, PMP, or CD player. There is a volume and music control in the “ear pillow.”  The exterior is composed of fleece and the interior is made with therapeutic foam with a pocket to hold three AA batteries (not included.) The comfortable 4 3/4 x 22 x 11-inch substitute for earbuds seems to be a fine solution for those long car treks for $59.99. Preorder the Mi Pillow from Hammacher Schlemmer for a late August ship date.


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