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Prepare Your Pocketbook, Full Rock Band Set To Cost $200

Rock!Well lookee here, it seems we were right. If you want the full Rock Band experience, it looks like you WILL be paying almost as much as a new console (well, almost as much as a new Wii at least). Pre-orders for Rock Band have begun to be listed on Amazon.com, and the going rate for the game + microphone, drum set and guitar looks to be $199.99.

Of course, you can always purchase just one or two of the peripherals, and then form a band online. But you don’t want to be that sorry-ass gamer that doesn’t have all the peripherals when your friends come over to jam, now do ya? The solutions, of course, are 4-fold. It looks like it’s either time to 1) start saving, 2) start picking your favorite instrument, 3) start finding some online friends, or 4) start getting rid of some real-world ones.

Rock Band will release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on 11/20/07.

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Sony Announces PlayStation Eye For PS3

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PlayStation EyeSony today announced their next generation camera peripheral for the PlayStation 3. The new camera has lost the EyeToy moniker and will be known simply as the PlayStation Eye. While the new camera isn’t supporting HD resolutions like previously speculated, the Eye does have an upgraded resolution, supporting 320x240 at up to 120 frames per second and 640x480 at up to 60 frames per second. Optical quality should be vastly better, allowing clearer operation in low light as well as supporting dual zoom settings. Audio also has not been left behind in the update – a new noise-reduction array of four microphones sits atop the Eye, allowing for positional 4-channel audio and voice tracking in the new device. Altogether these improvements should vastly enhance the EyeToy experience. New games like the Eye of Judgement collectible card game will utilize the PlayStation Eye to insert real-time 3-D graphics over the images of the cards the player has. Sony’s semi-official ThreeSpeech blog has a Q&A with more information from Sony, and Famitsu has some screen shots showing the interaction between the PlayStation Eye and the real-world cards from Eye of Judgement, and Sony’s full press release continues below.

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Unboxing Live 012: Ergodex DX1 Input System

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We show off the Ergodex DX1 Input System in this episode of Unboxing Live. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an insanely cool keyboard that allows you to move it’s individual keys all over it’s smooth surface, creating your own customized keyboard.

Let us know what you think, or what you want us to unbox next!

JoyTech announces Hunks-O-Plastic for Wii (Oh, and Charging Cradles!)

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Joytech Wii Charging Cradle

Joytech announced yesterday that they will be producing a variety of peripherals for Nintendo’s new Wii gaming console. Most of the new peripherals fall into the “big hunk o plastic” category, including a tennis racket-shaped attachment for tennis games, “protective” controller gloves, and a white steering wheel attachment similar to what will be included on Ubisoft’s GT Pro Series.

The one product of note, pictured above, is a Wii controller docking/recharging station which will feature a pop-in battery pack that charges over the console’s USB port. Now that would seem to be some great functionality - no extra power cords, plus a nifty looking stand for your Wiimotes. Nice work on that one, Joytech!

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Sony Announces Japanese PS3 Accessory Prices

PS2-PS3 AdapterSony Computer Entertainment of Japan announced today the pricing and availability of some of the accessories for the PS3 in that territory. On launch day, November 11th, gamers will be able to purchase additional wireless SIXAXIS controllers for 5000 Yen, roughly $42 US. Gamers looking to play their old Playstation 2 games on their new console will also want to pick up a memory card adapter, listed at 1500 Yen ($13 US), also available on launch day. The memory card adapter is a USB device that allows users to copy their PS1 and PS2 saves to the internal hard drive of the Playstation 3. Finally, the BD-ROM remote will ship on December 7th, for 3600 Yen ($31 US).  Since the PS3 controllers are wireless, there is less of a pressing demand for a fully functioning BD-ROM remote, but it would have been nice to see the device on launch day.

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Japanese Date, Price for PSP GPS And Camera Released

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PSP GPS and Camera

Sony announced that users in Japan will be able to purchase the GPS and camera peripherals for the PSP on December 7th, according to Game Watch Japan. The pricing for the 640x480 resolution camera is set at 5000 Yen, approximately $42 US. The camera will capture still images and motion at 30 frames per second. In addition, various effects can be applied live to images captured by the camera.

The GPS will sell for 6000 Yen, or around $51 US. No software will be included with the unit, but the GPS will work with Sony’s upcoming navigation software, as well as Sega’s previously announced planetarium software and Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.


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