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Video: Why the penny needs to die

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You know how you have all those pennies stored away somewhere in a jar, or some sort of awkward spot in your car? Of course you do, because no one wastes their time using pennies to make purchases, unless they're clueless or trying to pull some sort of sick joke. Check out the video above, which explains why the penny needs to be abolished from the United States currency, as it's a burden on the economy.


Zack Whedon Pens Dr. Horrible Comic for Dark Horse

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Penny: Keep Your Head Up

As grueling as it is to wait week after week for Wednesday for come (sometimes longer, depending upon which comics you get), MySpace and Dark Horse teamed up to get you through it. What makes it even better is when writers like Zack Whedon present great Dr. Horrible comics like this month’s Penny: Keep Your Head Up.

Although I thoroughly enjoy anything with a Whedon attached to it, this comic ought to have some sort of warning label for it. Not only does the premise bring a frown to your face (centering around events in Penny’s life prior to her death), but the fact that everything Penny does for others makes you feel as if you have completely failed as a human being.

Despite having nearly gone through a few tissues, the comic is sweet and ends on a very cute note! You can find the comic at MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

LOST Review 4/8/09

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“Dead is dead.” says Ben Linus in this week’s episode of “LOST”. It also happens to be the name of this week’s episode of “LOST”.  As mentioned in last week’s review, this week’s episode focuses on Benjamin Linus and his desire to seek out the smoke monster in order to be judged.  This episode is also full of flashbacks on Ben’s life from his youth and the moment after his healing from the gunshot wound to the “business” he had to take care of before he got on Flight 316 to head back to the island.

The “dead is dead” line is a reference to John Locke.  At the end of last week’s episode, Ben was surprised to see that John was alive.  The island has brought him back to life and although Ben knew this would happen to John, it’s still an unusual thing to see because this shouldn’t really happen to anyone on the island.  However, the island it seems has chosen John for a special purpose and needs him alive.  With that being said, Ben is here more importantly to be judged by the smoke monster for breaking the rules and returning to the island.  What is Ben’s verdict?  Lets us see.


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Television Review: LOST 1/21/09

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Yesterday’s episode of “LOST"was the premiere to the fifth season. It was entitled “Because You Left”. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was anxiously awaiting for the episode to air. I read my son his story and laid down next to him until he fell asleep. He was asleep by 8:56 pm - just in time. Thank you, God. Was it worth the wait? Was I disappointed? Absolutely not!

This episode really got into the whole time travel plotline that has been slowly revealing itself over the past season. If you still haven’t seen the episode, go away right now. I’m not going to reveal everything, but I will discuss some of the things that did happen in the episode.

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The Mystery Lost will Never Solve

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Penelope/Desmond Lost

All the valid and deliberately-schemed intricacies of aside, I really need to know what the writers were thinking when they plugged the backstory to the Desmond/Penny photo in an episode last season.

According to Dessie’s flashback/time travel, he and Penny got photographed by a street vendor in the streets of London about four seconds before breaking up and parting for the next several years.  That means that there was one Polaroid-style photo, which Desmond then folded in half and pocketed (even though Penny paid).  He held onto this photo through a few years in the military, prison, on a sailboat, locked underground on a magic island, and lazing days away on the beach, where he often unfolds and stares at it.

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