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LawnBott Recovers its Tracks

LawnBott 3500Last May, we introduced you to the LawnBott, and it seems that KA Home Robotics is doing well, thank you very much. So well that they have introduced their new LB3500. The device can be programmed via Bluetooth through a compatible cell phone or PDA. Include days and hours and, at the end of its cycle, the Bott will return with its two lithium-ion batteries to its charging station. The 3500 features a higher sensitivity, a blade stop sensor, an on-board alarm, and a 360º bumper shell. Prices range from $3,249.00 to $4,279.00, depending on options.

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Lightglove Uses Sense Motion

If you like your Wii, you will love the LtWv Wrist Vmote Lightglove. Worn on the underside of your wrist, visual or infrared light scans your palm and senses motion from your hand, finger, or wrist. It then becomes a cursor on screen and an on/off switch.You can control your computer, PDA, phone, game system, appliances, even ATMs. In its “hunt and peck” mode, you can utilize it as a typing tool, although we are really not aware of anyone who can do that admirably one-handed. Still awaiting ETA approval and backing, here’s hoping that some company will find it a good investment. You will be able to catch it in action at the CES 2008, where it has already won a Best of Innovations Award.


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BlueAnt Shows Off Its Z9 Headset

BlueAnt Z9 HeadsetThe Australian company BlueAnt has spent over 2 years developing their Z9 and received the 2007 International Innovations Design & Engineering Award by the CEA for their efforts. At a weight of only 10 grams and a length of less than 4 cm, the Bluetooth headset can be clipped to a tie, shirt, jacket or dress when not in use with its clear ear-hook for up to 5 hours of talk time and 200 standby hours. Choose between standard and advanced (max) noise reduction, made possible by their Voice Isolation technology. You can also switch between three sources such as a cell phone, PDA, and PC. The Z9 is available online for $129.99.

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