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Him: A hilarious parody of Spike Jonze “Her” [Video]

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him her spike jonze parody

Here's an amusing look at what the Spike Jonze movie Her might look like if the genders of the main characters were reversed. When a woman falls in love with her operating system, she thinks she's found the man of her dreams. But it turns out "Him' is no "Her."

“Her” is a touching love story that follows the budding romance between a high-waisted-jeans-loving hipster played by Joaquin Phoenix and a silky-voiced operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson (think Siri, except actually useful). “Him,” on the other hand, proves that you should never, ever trust a charming man with a British accent, because he will probably hurt you, but only after sleeping with you and telling you that you’re beautiful.

Video after the break.

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Why are some board game rules so ridiculously complicated? [Video]

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Risky Settlers Knights and Allies of the Lords of Dominion of Earth Pandemic Edition

One can argue that the resurgence of tabletop gaming and board games can be attributed in large part to Kickstarter. We've backed a few games, but there's one we can't wait to play above all others: Risky Settlers Knights and Allies of the Lords of Dominion of Earth: Pandemic Edition. Why? Check out the video after the break to see for yourself.

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Facebook Home leaked promo video (parody!)

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Facebook Home Parody

It didn't take long for the tech parody video for the Facebook Home to hit the interwebs. An exclusive interview with some of the designers of the Facebook Phone. Click through for the video.

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The Matrix lobby scene re-cut with an a capella soundtrack

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Videos,

I submit to you, the lobby scene from The Matrix. The original score has been stripped away, and replaced by an a capella re-enactment, including gun sound effects. Enjoy.

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Spoofs Himself

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Movies, Television, Meltdowns, Videos,

(WARNING: Explicit, uncensored language)

Charlie Sheen is recovering quickly from his terrible performance in Detroit in the best possible way: with humor. The actor has released a 7-minute spoof his 20/20 interview, and you can see the whole thing above.

We’ve watched it, and we think this version is better than the original -- which aired last month on ABC. Sheen seems unafraid to laugh at himself in the segment, sporting different T-shirts, over-using his catchphrases, even chain-smoking.

The video should do wonders for his comedy tour, which is going strong despite the Motor City flub.

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Onion SportsDome: Comedy Central’s Promising Premiere

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Comedy, Prime Time, Cable, Video,

Tuesday was a big night for Comedy Central.

The evening marked the return of popular series Tosh.0, which became a solid lead-in for the channel’s side-splitting new series Onion SportsDome. And if you missed the premiere, it’s time to go on a TiVo hunting mission right now … because this is probably the best show of the season.

Brought to you by The Onion, the SportsDome is part parody, part satire and hysterical through-and-through. With segments like “Who Would You Kill,” Onion SportsDome shows us what all sports shows should look like. Hosts Alex Reiser and Mark Sheppard (played by Matt Walton and Matt Oberg) offer gut-busting deadpan delivery to lead the series.

The show’s total irreverence for all things sports makes it engaging and absolutely unique. We’re already hungry for more, but unfortunately the Dome won’t be back with a new episode until next week.

VIDEO: How the Yogi Bear Movie Should End

WARNING: This is not a G-rated clip.

Some of you will be forced to sit through Yogi Bear this weekend because of your kids. Others will seek out the film for nostalgia reasons.

Then, there are those who would only watch the movie if hell froze over and/or the movie contained scenes like the one above with an armed Boo Boo.

If you found the film's real trailer too painful to endure, watch this parody clip instead. The rest of you can wait until Yogi Bear officially opens this Friday.

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South Park Creators Apologize for Copying Original Content

Although South Park's creators are known for producing controversial content, they don't usually say sorry for it.

Late last week, Trey Parker and Matt Stone apologized to the writers of a CollegeHumor.com video after they accidentally copied original content. Although the episode ("Insheeption") incorporated several lines from a clip called "Inception Characters Don't Understand Inception," Stone and Parker said they didn't know what they had done.

In an attempt to do an Inception-based episode, Matt and Trey tried to watch the movie for themselves -- unfortunately, they struck out finding a theater showing or a copy of the film. That is when they came across the College Humor clip (which can be seen after the jump).

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Katy Perry Pokes Fun of Sesame Street Controversy on SNL

Katy Perry has mocked her Sesame Street axing by appearing in a breast-baring Elmo T-shirt on Saturday Night Live.

The pop star appeared in a sketch on the comedy series wearing a low-cut top inspired by the red puppet and tiny plaid skirt. Katy played a volunteer librarian, named Maureen Dichico, whose large breasts were causing a stir at the local library.

Parodying the famous announcement at the end of each Sesame Street episode which reveals what letters and numbers featured in the day’s program, Katy’s sketch co-star quipped, “Looks like today’s show is brought to you by the number 38 and the letters DD.”

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VIDEO: Sesame Street Parodies True Blood

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Daytime, Drama, Kids, Sci-Fi/Horror, HBO, PBS, Video,

Although is set in Louisiana and Mad Men is set in New York, the two shows do have one locale in common: Sesame Street.

Last year, the famous PBS series parodied the advertising execs from Madison Avenue in an emotional sketch. Now, the


grouches of Bon Temps will get their turn in the spotlight in a segment titled “True Mud.” (Make sure to keep an eye out for Lafayette!)

Season 41 of will kick off on September 27.

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