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Amber Alert GPS 2G lets parents track their kids

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: GPS, Misc. Tech

Amber Alert GPS 2GFor those parents that are nervous about their kids, and really want to know where their children are, then they should probably purchase the Amber Alert 2G device.  It works as a GPS beacon, which allows not-so tech savvy parents text to find out the exact location of their kid.  True, I’m not certain whether a longitude and latitude will help, but the “Breadcrumbing” feature allows them to track their steps like Billy from the Family Circus.  The Amber Alert costs about $379.99, with monthly plans being $9.99 and $59.99. 

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TV Timer Gives Parents Even More Control

TV Timer We recently told you about Best NetGuard, which allows parents to control when and how long their kids spend time online, with just the push of a button. Now we present the similarly-themed TV Timer, which lets you set up to three TV viewing (or video game-playing) periods per day—and is controlled by a PIN number you’ve set. How does it work? Simply connect the TV’s plug into the Timer, then screw it in with a hex key to “lock” it. Plug the Timer into an outlet, set up the viewing times and PIN and you’re done! The one catch is that the device is only available through a British website—so it only accepts European plugs. We hope the makers create a US version soon. The TV Timer is available for 24.95 pounds.

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