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Gazelle Recycles While You Earn Cash

Cell PhonesWhat to do with those outdated electronics? If you don’t want to sell them yourself on eBay or craig’s list, send your old working cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, GPS systems or other electronics to Gazelle. Evaluate the condition of your device online and they will give you an estimate. They will even pay for shipping by sending you a postage-free box. The entire process takes about a week after they receive the item. The company claims their average payment is $115.00, a great way to make some extra holiday cash.

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Oscars up for Makeover?

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DescriptionThe television audience this year hit an all-time low, and the Academy speculates that this is because the ceremony itself is beginning to feel outdated.  A makeover didn’t work for the Miss America Pageant, and there was a lot more to update on that wallflower.

Variety has served up the cringe-worthy suggestion of taking a cue from the Reality Phemonenon, but that (mercifully) doesn’t seem like a likelihood.  While it could be entertaining to see Streep and Dench race across a snow dune, tied to one another, carrying boiled produce in their mouths to win four points toward Best Actress, chances are it’s not going to catch on, even if statistics show that dignity is one of the damning things that makes poor Oscar seem so elderly.  And the truth may be that the program can’t catch up to the “YouTube generation,” because it’s a victim of it.

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