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Robovie Directs Shoppers

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RobovieThe Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute in Japan has devised a bot that helps the navigationally challenged. Robovie people-watched a section of the Universal Citywalk Shopping Center in Osaka and offered his expertise if they seemed disoriented. After literally asking “Are you lost?,” he provided directions or suggested shops and restaurants. The robot uses 16 cams, 6 laser range finders and 9 RFIDs to keep track of up to 20 individuals, including their locations and behavior (such as walking or waiting.)

ATR will be establishing themselves permanently in the shopping center and hope to hire out its guides beginning this June.

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The Amazing Race 12: “Sorry, Guys, I’m Not Happy to See You”

The Amazing Race

Since the racers had traveled a whopping 4,000 miles to get their last pit stop, the producers of decided to stick with Osaka, Japan for just a little while longer.  To start the 10th leg of the competition, the teams had to first travel by taxi to the the building ‘with the hole in it’ (the Umeda Sky building).  Once there, they had to locate the ‘Floating Garden’.

The first three groups (Christina/Ronald, Nate/Jen, Nicolas/Donald) kicked off the race within minutes of each other.  Standing by were TK and Rachel.  The losers in last week’s non-elimination round had to wait a whole three hours before they could proceed.  Luckily for them, access to the garden wasn’t available until 10am —approximately three hours after this leg started.  In other words, a huge chunk of time had already been erased for the hippies before the day had even begun.

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The Amazing Race: Season 12: “I Just Hope He Doesn’t Croak on Us”

The Amazing Race

After their rest period in Mumbai, India, the four remaining teams began on one of their longest journeys yet.  For the 9th leg of , the competitors were flying approximately 4,000 miles away to Osaka, Japan.

TK and Rachel – the first to reach the last pit stop – decided to get help at a nearby hotel before heading to the airport.  Through a travel desk, they got what they believed to be the earliest flight out.  The hippies were scheduled to leave at 6:55 PM flight out of India.  Christina and Ronald also made reservations beforehand, but did their work through a different agency.  The route they secured had them taking off at 8:30 PM.  Although Nicolas/Donald and Nate/Jennifer both chose to get tickets at the airport, they wound up on the same flight as the father/daughter duo.

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