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Wii Web Browser Susceptible to Opera Vulnerability


Obviously, Nintendo has been careful to state that the current Wii Web Browser is merely a trial, “beta” version, but this most recent report should make users a little more cautious when taking their Wii online.

The following security report was released by security & vulnerability research lab iDefense and pertains to the version of the Opera web browser currently implemented on the Wii console.

Remote exploitation of a typecasting bug in Opera Software ASA’s Opera Web browser could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the affected host.

A flaw exists within Opera’s Javascript SVG implementation. When processing a createSVGTransformFromMatrix request Opera does not properly validate the type of object passed to the function. Passing an incorrect object to this function can result in it using a pointer that is user controlled when it attempts to make the virtual function call.

The question, of course, is whether it would be worth any hacker’s while to write malicious executable code specifically for the Wii’s proprietary linux-based OS. Of course, given the vitriol with which PS3 and Nintendo fanboys have been attacking eachother recently (note that both Nintendo’s and Sony’s respective Wikipedia entries are locked!), perhaps writing malicious code for opposition consoles could signify the next great front in the console wars.

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Wii Browser Trial Online Now

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Wii Browser Playfeed

The trial version of the Opera Browser for the Nintendo Wii is now available. The browser is available from the Wii Shop Channel, and as promised, currently costs 0 points. The browser takes up around 280 blocks of memory for the Wii and downloads within a minutes. Overall, the browsing experience on the Wii is fairly good; most websites work correctly, including AJAX sites like GMail and others. Flash support seems hit or miss, some sites work correctly and others say that the user needs to upgrade their Flash version. Hopefully the Flash engine will be updated by the time the browser fully releases this spring.

The web browser has a default view that scales web page output to fit the 480i/p screen, but users can zoom in to get a cleaner view of the page, and there is an alternate rendering mode to allow slightly better text rendering at the cost of re-organizing the page. Users can scroll up and down using the “B” trigger on the Wiimote, and the “A” button selects links. The virtual keyboard works surprisingly well, and the Wiimote does an excellent job of acting as a mouse. Overall, the experience appears to be vastly better than the portable browser released for the DS; one could actually do some light Internet browsing and e-mail on the Wii, something that is pretty painful for the DS.


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Wii Opera Beta To Be Available December 22

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Wii Opera Browser Nintendo of America announced that a free beta version of the Opera Web browser for the Wii will be available for download on December 22. The browser was initially intended for launch, but it looks like delays have pushed back the final version until March of 2007. Nintendo of America still promises that users will be able to download the browser for free until the end of June 2007.

In addition to the launch of the beta browser, Nintendo’s weather Forecast Channel is set to launch on December 20th, and their News Channel is scheduled to launch on January 27th.

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Archos 604 WiFi Competes With Zune

Archos 604

Attempting to give the Zune a run for its money, the Archos 604 WiFi offers a viable alternative to web surfing or exchanging data over the Internet. With its 4.5-inch 450 x 272 touchscreen, Windows file sharing, and a version of the Opera browser, the Archos can record up to 30 GB from any home entertainment source and holds up to 130 hours of TV, 85 movies, 15,000 tunes, or 300,000 photos. It also sports a removable battery and kickstand for tabletop viewing.

Go for the optional DVR Station accessory and you can record TV in MPEG-4 with Archo’s StationBright 4.3-inch TFT LCD or transfer photos from your digital cameras. You can also turn the Archos into a camcorder with zoom, video effects, and music. The 604 is available online now for $349.99.


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Opera Wii Free Worldwide Until July 2007

Opera WiiOpera Software announced that gamers with Nintendo’s Wii console will be able to download the Opera Browser from the “Wii Shop Channel” for free until July 2007. After this point, the browser will be available for a currently undetermined amount of Wii points. Opera also confirmed that Flash and AJAX support would be included in the browser, allowing gamers access to many of the client-based applications developed for the world wide web. Opera’s press release implies that the browser will be available at launch, but this would obviously also be dependent on the availability of Nintendo’s “Wii Shop Channel.”

The full press release continues below.

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