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Xbox Live is down

Xbox Live offline

Xbox Live has been down for the past 90 minutes or so, and Microsoft says it's doing its best to bring the service back online.

The outage appears to affect many (if not all) Xbox Live regions, as complains are coming in from outside of the United  States as well. Users who were connected to the service were disconnected from Xbox Live at the time of the outage, so this isn't just an issue where new players aren't able to connect.

As soon as Xbox Live is back, we'll update to let you know.


TV Talk: Lawsuit for Hayden Christensen, Paycheck for Don Johnson

Hayden Christensen-Hayden Christensen and his brother are suing USA Network for allegedly stealing their idea behind Royal Pains. I’d like to sue him for everything he did in Star Wars.

-Who knew Nash Bridges was worth millions? Former star Don Johnson just won $23.2 million in back profits from Rysher Entertainment Inc.

-Speaking of profit, that’s what Jeremy London will do as a result of his strange kidnapping/drugging story. The Mallrats star will now get time with Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab.

-A recovering Barbara Walters will make a video appearance this Monday on The View. The co-host, who had heart surgery in May, won’t return to her chair until September.

-Want to relive Alex Wong’s amazing routines (sniff) from So You Think You Can Dance? Now you can watch episodes online!

Twitter Match for Emmy Rossum and Adam Duritz

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DescriptionSome celebrities date people they work with. Others are set up by mutual agents. Then there are those who actually meet each other online. Dare actress recently admitted that her relationship with Adam Duritz actually started as as a dare…on Twitter.

“I was on tour with the band this summer. They invited me actually on Twitter. That’s how we met – on a dare. They dared me to come sing with them a song that I’d never sung before ... So I ended up on tour with the band, and it was very, very fun,” the 23-year-old told a radio station.

So what exactly does Emmy see in the 45-year-old Counting Crows frontman? “I get why chicks dig him,” the soon-to-be divorced Rossum recently told People. “He’s extremely kind, incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, creative and respectful.” Hopefully those qualities will keep her around longer than both Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, previous Duritz flames.

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Preview: ngmoco’s new iPhone FPS: ELIMINATE

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ngmoco Eliminate FPS

Oh, San Francisco. Home to the 49ers, majestic bridges, historic Alcatraz, cable cars and even countless videogame development studios. Amongst these studios, in a cozy restored building cloaked by the AT&T Park, lives Neil Young’s iPhone & iPod Touch game developer—NGMOCO.

ngmoco has been put out some of the most successful games for the & , including the Rolando series, Topple and Word Fu. Ranging from puzzle, strategic and adventure, ngmoco knows how to create entertaining portable games. Now, they are set to release one of their most exciting titles yet, ELIMINATE. ELIMINATE is a 3G/Wi-Fi enabled First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, which takes advantage of micro-transactions, where you can upgrade characters, weapons, and the like.

Uncomplicated games currently dominate the App Store platform, due to their casual nature and mass appeal. The creation of more complex genres, such as FPS and strategic games, require a higher level of thought and consideration— a challenge ngmoco was more than willing to take on.  ELIMINATE brings with it an FPS online arena with intuitive controls that make it simple to jump in and play, and while the game might be a pick up and play experience, they haven’t ignored the importance of creating a story. ELIMINATE casts you as an employee of Arsenal Megacorp, a company in question for the use of humans in testing as a way of perfecting their gear. You and three other players are the guinea pigs of this project—SURPRISE!

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South Park Pilot Available Online

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South Park Pilot

Twelve years after hit the airwaves, we are getting a rare opportunity to see the episode that started it all.

For a limited time, SouthParkStudios.com will be streaming the original pilot that launched the iconic Comedy Central series. The entirely handmade episode - it’s amazing what you can do with construction paper! - was hand-animated primarily by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The video, which was the basis for “Cartman Gets An Anal Probe,” will contain an additional four minutes of footage not seen in the series premiere.

Every other episode from the comedy’s 13 seasons can already be viewed via South Park’s website.

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Days of our Lives Streaming Online

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Days of our Lives logo

NBC, now down to only one soap opera, is making sure gets seen.

Those unable to watch the sudser during its daytime slot now have additional viewing options. As of this week, DOOL is now being made available online and through your mobile device.

The episodes, which will be posted daily, can be accessed for up to 16 days each. Those interested in catching up can find the program here.

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MapleStory video features new player class – Cygnus Knights

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Nexon is gearing up for a new update coming to MapleStory, set to release later this summer.  To keep fans of the game excited, they have released a video featuring a new player class coming to the game – Cygnus Knights. The video not only shows off this new class, but also various types of characters MapleStory players may be able to play. In addition, they have also opened dedicated site for the Cygnus Knights and will be continually updated until the expansion.

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Blog to Help Stop Hunger

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Hunger BadgeWe like to think that we are doing our bit for BlogCatalog and Heifer International to help stop world hunger. How are we doing this? By telling you today that you can join other bloggers and write a post about the subject on April 29. We figure you can pay it forward to others by posting a blog and putting one of their badges on your site as well.

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DoInk Simplified Animation

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Enjoy, discuss and create animation. That is the description that DoInk uses to describe their super-easy online drawing tool that needs only Java to work. Similar to Paint, drag and drop others’ single shots or animation or come up with your own and share it. The online app also leaves ghosts to help animate and can layer clone individual frames that are adjustable. When completed, you can email it, put it on your blog or social network for others to appreciate.


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YouTube Symphony Orchestra Goes On Tour

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Those who say social networking sites have no redeeming qualities haven’t heard of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra with conductor Michael Tilson Thomas. Less than 100 were chosen from more than 3,000 submissions and participated in a 3 day workshop before playing at Carnegie Hall last night. Next they will be going on a worldwide tour. Check out the official site to see who won as well as the full performance.

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