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Check out the Lady Gaga Bad Romance music video

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I wasn’t sure I’d ever see a weirder music video than ‘s Paparazzi, but never one to rest on her laurels, the artist has topped herself with the video for her new track Bad Romance. The imagery alone is WTF-worthy, but when it’s all said and done, you’ll be a better person for having experienced it.

We’ll be taking a look at all the gadgetry hidden in Bad Romance, including an oddly placed Nunchuk, over on Gear Live.

EDIT: Okay, be sure to check out the 10 gadget sightings in Bad Romance over on Gear Live!


Video: Kanye West makes no sense

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In this video, shot from a hotel room in Paris, (the Louis Vuitton Don) attempts to either be funny or…something. Quite frankly, we have no clue what he said about anything…but it’s still fun to watch someone try to be deep with their commentary. Check it out, and feel free to decipher his message in the comments.

Aromatherapy Redefined: The USB Fragrance Oil Drive

USB Fragrance Oil DriveIf you’re one of those Feng Shui-in-the-cubicle types (raising hand), we’ve got something for you: the Fragrance Oil Drive. Just pour 3-5 drops of your favorite fragrance into the device’s hole, plug it into your computer’s USB port, and let the drive fill your cubicle with aromatic goodness. Perfect for calming you down during a hectic, multi-tasking Monday, or adding a little je ne sais quoi to your private hell

workplace. Choose from four different colors, each with a sample fragrance (Rose, Peppermint, Jasmine or Lavender). Available for only $7 USD.

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How I Lost 5 Pounds With Blockbuster Total Access

Blockbuster DVD caseI’ve been using the Blockbuster Total Access service for about four months now, and while the convenience of exchanging movies same-day seemed efficient in the beginning, the availability of titles both in-store and online has left much to be desired.  However, in the last three weeks, I’ve begun to notice one major benefit of the service.

I live in Seattle, very close to the downtown area in a small condominium.  Because I’m tightly packed into an urban area, I don’t own a car and do most of my roaming on foot.  The nearest Blockbuster store is half a mile from my home in a neighborhood full of moderate hills and slopes — it’s not Everest, but it’s not level ground, either.  Now, I’ve been watching what I eat recently — my girlfriend and I want to look good on the beach this summer — but by no means was I expecting to start dropping pounds.

The other odd change I’ve noticed, besides the fewer calories and healthier diet, has been the number of trips I’ve taken per week to the Blockbuster store and back, sometimes averaging close to four or five times.  One might think that I just watch a lot of movies and am trying to take advantage of the service to get my money’s worth.  Well, that would only be partly true: I do watch a lot of movies, but only ones that I’ve chosen specifically for review on FilmCrunch.  This means that I have one (sometimes two) new releases to pick up every week, and I have about five or six days to get that movie and watch it.  When I’ve decided on a film, along with my friend and co-host Veronica Santiago, I quickly put it at the top of my Blockbuster queue, making sure I’ve timed the return of my mailer so that it will come quickly.  This also counts as one walk to the mailbox and back.  We all know what Blockbuster’s availability is online, so I don’t often hold out much hope.  But luckily, they send the second movie in my queue, and I can go to the store with that mailer and exchange it for an in-store DVD.  Oh, but wait — the in-store supply is all but decimated in the few weeks after a new release.  This is where I start to feel frustrated.

What happens now is at first a casual, then desperate attempt at getting my DVD before the deadline, walking to and from the store over and over, checking everyday for the new releases I require.  During this time I noticed that I felt a bit slimmer.  Sure enough, I went to my scale and saw a shortage of around three pounds.  I thought, Okay, I had planned on getting to the gym, but that didn’t work out.  What other activity could be causing this?  Then, it hit me: Because Blockbuster Total Access has such a poor selection of new-release titles, I’m burning calories with all the trips I make back and forth, attempting to take advantage of the convenience they offer.

I’ve now lost around five pounds, with a beginning high of 159 and a current, satisfying 154.  In a way, I’ve become Subway’s Jared, blending consumerism with a little exercise.  And if I’m Jared, then Blockbuster is Subway, offering a decent product at a decent price, but leaving customers wishing for the piled-high toppings and sauces that aren’t all that good for you — you know, the sandwich you like better.

England School to Use PSP as An Educational Tool

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PSPIf you’re a gamer, you know that Sony’s Playstation Portable has an incredible amount of uses: UMD movies, music player, photo viewer, homebrew,

internet access, and, oh yeah, video games. Well, instructors at Holyhead Secondary School in Birmingham, England are about to test a new use: teaching aid. Over the past 2 months, Holyhead teachers have been learning how to create podcasts, download media, upload pupils’ schoolwork, and more with the PSP. Lorna Diprose, whose departure from Sony Marketing to teach French at Holyhead led to this test run, feels the PSP is “...just like a mini-computer…you can use it to tailor-make lessons for pupils who need support or stretching.” The PSPs start their new job right after Easter break and will last until the end of the school year. 

Read More | BBC News via Joystiq

Tingle RPG Heads To Europe

Tingle RPG Gaming site Cubed³ is reporting that the quirky Tingle RPG will be heading to Europe in 2007. The odd game received a decent amount of success in Japan, and the game’s unique gameplay may make it a title worth checking out. One assumes that the title will be localized to something a bit less of a mouthful than Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rose-Colored Rupee Land; on the other hand, that may be part of its charm. At least with a European release, gamers will be able to import the title if the game never makes its way to the United States.

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