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Google Earth Beta 5.0 Features Underwater, Outer Space

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Google EarthGoogle has added 3D renderings of the ocean floor in its latest update since 4.3. Google Earth 5.0 is still free to download. Track gray whales, explore shipwrecks and see what the water looked like up to 50 years ago. Also in the new Google Earth are maps and satellite images of Mars, including probe landing spots, and you can save your toured places to share with other GE users.

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Delta Literally Launched Under Water


QU Inc.‘s new marine robot DELTA-100R can go to a depth of over 150 meters while being controlled with a joystick by someone on the surface. Unveiled at the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2007 in Tokyo, it features a color CCD cam inside. While we suspect that its main usage will be for seeking out a new species or in lost body searches, it might be an efficient means of looking for lost change at the bottom of your local pool.


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Ahoy There, Li’l Buccanneers!

A-a-a-r, me mateys! Gather ye round afore the night be through as we be honorin’ a grand, beauteous day of piratin’. Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day and by the powers we be flyin’ the Jolly Roger, grabbin’ some grog ‘til we be loaded to the Gunwales, an’ tossin’ some greasy, lily-livered landlubbers an’ sprogs offen’ the plank. Join us an’ send yer wenches an’ mates greets to be carryin’ on the tradition. Sure ‘nuf ye be earnin’ yer place in Fiddlers Green, ye will!

(Thanky Malchy, me hearty!)


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