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Project Runway Goes LA

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DescriptionApparently supermodels really like a good change.

First, Tyra Banks decided to move her daytime talk fest from Los Angeles to New York.  Now, is scheduled to do the exact opposite.  Though in the latter case, the switch will not be permanent.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘s sixth outing will be split between NYC and LA.  This city-hopping move will apparently accommodate Klum’s personal and work schedules much better (but make everyone else’s a living hell).  The following year, things will return back to normal in New York.

As for the reality hit’s fifth season - the last one on - that too will still be set in the Big Apple.  That installment can be seen starting this July.

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MoMA Features Online Exhibit

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MoMA Elastic Mind

Speaking of MoMA, not only are they exhibiting the likes of AT&T and Nokia at the museum, there is an incredible display online. Combining science with design, there are over 300 concepts in Elastic Mind that are translated into physical objects. The purpose, they say, is to “combine research with attentive consideration of human limitations, habits, and aspirations.”

All we know is that spending a couple of hours on the site may not have the impact of seeing the show itself, but it certainly is worth the time. For example, in Collection for the Lonely Man, it includes the Sheet Thief, which winds up the bed clothes to the other side. Others are Cold Feet, Heavy Breather, Plate Thrower, and Hair Alarm Clock that will run hair across the user to wake him.


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Become a NY Cop, Get a Free iPod

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Cop With EarphoneNew police cadets in New York are receiving iPods to help them in their studies. They are pre-loaded with information on Penal Law, criminal procedure, warrants, and ethics. About 950 recruits received the PMPs for their studies and are expected to graduate late this month.

“Now a recruit can watch a class on ‘search and seizure’ while going home on the subway,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

That’s certainly a pleasant thought. The next time you take a train in NY and the rookie is too busy checking out the


information to catch the baddies mugging that old lady in the back of the car, we can all be content in knowing that he/she is just doing some homework.


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