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Shuriken USB Thumb Drive

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Accessories, USB, Storage,

Shuriken Thumb DriveAlmost every geek also has a passion for ninjas, and now you can show your allegiance with this Shuriken USB Thumb Drive. At a size of 70 x 70 x 7mm, the device can hold 2GB of data, but note that although it is complete in shape, you would be advised not to go after your enemies with it in your spare time. Note the caution that it has sharp edges which means this is not the gift for anyone with small kids or chewing puppies. The Shuriken drive is available for JPY 10,500.00 (~$109.00.)

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New Wii Cases Inspired by Ninjas

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Want to dress up your Wii? Talismoon has come up with a series of Evolve cases to prove you have the coolest look, even if you aren’t the best player on the block. The collection includes 8 designs and carries the fancy titles of Abyss, Black Katana, Blue Boshido, Green Tanto, Pink Geisha, Red Ronin, Silver Shuriken, and Stealth Assassin. Each cover is $39.95 and features a rear access panel, removable door, and slot color selection. The company is so jazzed about their product that they even created this animated short to sell the cases. Pretty nifty, but you don’t get to see the product until the last few seconds.


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Virtual Console 5/14 Releases: Pac-Man Is A Ninja, Apparently

Posted by Chris Pereira Categories: Nintendo, Retro, Virtual Console, Wii,

Pac-Man chart

Today saw the release of three moderately priced Virtual Console games – Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Spirit. I guess the logic was that Pac-Man is like a ninja; evading ghosts without being seen, only to strike when the opportunity (or those corner dots) present themselves. For $5, Pac-Man might be in over his head… which is coincidently his entire body. Pick up the XBLA version (which supports leaderboards and achievements) if you’re really interested in some nostalgia.

The official Nintendo descriptions for each game can be seen after the break.

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