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Nielsen Top 10 Websites

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Nielsen logoNielsen has come up with its Top Ten lists for 2008 trends. Included are lists for televisions shows, DVDs, music, books, mobile games, advertisers and consumer spending. We thought you might like to see the top 10 Internet sites (no surprise.) The calculation is an average monthly audience in millions through October. To see the others, hit the link below.

1. Google 120.5
2. Yahoo 114.9
3. MSN/Windows Live 98.4
4. Microsoft 95.5
5. AOL Media Network 90.2
6. YouTube 72.6
7. Fox Interactive Media 68.8
8. eBay 54.7
9. Wikipedia 54.5
10. Apple 49.3

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American Idol’s Four Finalists

American Idol logo After the cast of ’s season 6 were whittled down dramatically from six to four, the stage looked a little emptier. And last night’s performances, at least in the judges’ eyes, didn’t do much to fill the empty space. Though Idol finalists , , , and sang two songs apiece, they got harsh reviews from that famous panel of three. Even Paula wasn’t waxing poetic and oozing positive ego-boosters at random, and Randy Jackson kept it real – hard core style. Though Blake changed up his disco tunes and added a modern flair, the judges had little that was good to say about his BeeGees renditions. Barry Gibb, the evening’s mentor, was extremely open to the ways the Idols changed his songs, which is more than can be said for most mentors of the season. All four competitors sat through at least one round of less-than-rave reviews from the critical judges, three people who obviously expected to be blown away at last night’s live show and ended up feeling a little let down. But what do you really want from BeeGees night? Today, the performances are old news. What everyone’s wondering is who will be left out of the final three, and who won’t.

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