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Next Issue adds eight new titles to its unlimited monthly magazine plan

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NextIssueNext Issue, the digital magazine services that's often described as "the Netflix of digital magazines," announced it will add eight new titles to it's tablet app. This brings the total library to 80 magazines, with impressive big hitters like New York Magazine, Food & Wine, and Men's Fitness.

Despite the additional magazine titles, pricing remains at $10 a month for 73 monthly and bi-weekly magazines, and $15 a month for access to the entire library, which adds in the weekly publications. If you use an Android tablet, the new titles aren't yet available on your platform, but should be the near future.


Remembering Marilyn Monroe

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Movies, Music, Photos, Editorials,

Lindsay Lohan on the Cover, Lindsay Lohan was the subject of a Marilyn Monroe-esque photo spread appearing in New York magazine. Lohan posed nude for Bert Stern, as did Monroe forty-six years ago.

Here’s the difference: was quite possibly the world’s biggest star at the time of her famed photo shoot. Posing nude was risqué, even potentially dangerous for her career. Monroe’s shoot appeared in Vogue, which in the 1960’s took a whole new approach to publishing by focusing on fashion and elements that spoke to the sexual revolution of the day. Blonde, gorgeous Marilyn Monroe was the perfect cover girl for sexual revolution.

Here’s : Gone from the movie industry for several months and with very few projects in the till, Lohan has to keep reminding everyone she’s a star. She’s got to get her career back on track - quick. Why not simply become a legend…or at least, look like one? By capitalizing on the stardom of Monroe, can Lohan find her own again?

I’m not splitting hairs, here. I mean, honestly I’m a Lindsay Lohan fan. But Lohan is not at all similar (in career, looks, love life or ability) to Monroe. What was incredible in the 60s is totally mundane today. Lohan does look great in the shoot…but can’t we get a little creativity from our so-called stars?

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Lindsay Lohan’s Nude Photo Spread

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Lindsay Lohan

How do you get people to stop associating you with drugs?  You get them to think of you nude.

In the next issue of New York magazine, recently-rehabbed does her best to evoke Marilyn Monroe.  The photo spread is practically identical to the one Monroe did back in 1962.  That shoot - now known as “The Last Sitting” - took place just several weeks before the legend died…from an apparent drug overdose.

(Sorry, Linds - still thinking about you and drugs.)

Photographer Bert Stern, the same man who behind the camera forty-six years ago, said he wanted to work with Lohan because he believed she had “more depth to her”. Really?

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