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SAAB caught in the state of limbo

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SAAB new Jersey Car Port

It’s been roughly three or so months since SAAB filed for bankruptcy. In addition, Saab Cars North America shut its dealerships down, forcibly. With the bankruptcy, many cars were left in limbo, caught between sale and repossession, we suppose. Though we’re not all entirely sure as to how the legalities work in this case, all we know is that there more than 900 SAAB vehicles on the Jersey Coast.

Though we've never been SAAB fans, it's saddening to see these cars left and exposed to the Jersey grossness. The sobering part of this is that these are the last of the SAABs to hit US soil, or that of which were produced. In any means, fan or not, these cars deserve a proper farewell or a home at best. On second thought, anyone down to go to Jersey and rescue a few SAABs? Follow the jump to see more pictures. 

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Anti-Snooki Bill Proposed By New Jersey Senator

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SnookiFinally, a piece of policy that may truly unite both houses. The left and the right can’t agree on health care, budget cuts or foreign policy -- but perhaps they can all collectively agree that no one should be forced to pay to hear Snooki speak.

The Jersey Shore star is the driving force before a new piece of legislation proposed by Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-NJ).

The bill proposes to change the way universities collect fees from students, making paid campus events optional. Kyrillos was prompted to write the bill when Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) earned $32,000 for her appearance at Rutgers University -- $2,000 more than the amount given to Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison (that’s just sad). Snooki’s paycheck came from the funds provided by students, who were obligated to pay a student activity fee.

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Snooki’s Ball Moved to Jersey for Ball Drop

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SnookiThere is only one New Year’s Eve ball that falls in Times Square -- and the city of New York is going to keep it that way.

The official ball drop will be officiated by Mayor Bloomberg and Dick Clark, a staple of the annual event.

MTV announced recently that Snooki, of Jersey Shore fame, would be dropping from a ball during their separate celebration, but the city wouldn’t have it.

Instead, Snooki has been moved, appropriately, to New Jersey. The ball arrived on scene early on Wednesday, with a large “Snooki” spelled out in lights affixed to it.

Who knows? Maybe New Jersey just started their own New Year’s Eve tradition.

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VIDEO: Tour Continues Despite Jon Bon Jovi Injury

It may take a little bad medicine, but an injured plans to keep entertaining fans across the country.

Friday night in New Jersey, the 48-year-old somehow managed to tear a calf muscle - ouch! - toward the end of a concert in New Meadowlands Stadium. Despite the obvious pain (he can be seen limping on the stage), the professional vowed to stay on stage until the end.

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