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O.J. Simpson Found Guilty

O.J. Simpson found guiltyExactly thirteen years after being acquitted of murder, heard the word “Guilty” twelve times over.

Late last night, the 61-year-old football star and his co-defendant, Clarence Stewart, were convicted for their involvement in a 2007 incident. Simpson, with the help of several armed men, robbed two sports-memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room. The Hall of Famer - who claimed he didn’t know guns were involved - claimed he was simply trying to reclaim what was his.

After thirteen hours of deliberation, the Nevada jurors found Simpson guilty on 12 counts including kidnapping and armed robbery. He could expect to receive anywhere between five years to life in prison at the December 5 sentencing.

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Steve Fosset Search Continues on Google Earth

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GeoEye SearchAdventurer Steve Fosset and his plane still have not been recovered after about 2 weeks. A few organizations teamed up to find him with the use of a GeoEye satellite that is tracking the Nevada territory where he was last thought to be. Using Google Earth, you can get in on the search. You will have to download a KML file and cut and paste the coordinates in the “Fly To” box. Think of the ramifications for finding others missing that using this technology will be able to accomplish in the not so very distant future.

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So You Think You Can Dance Tour Announced

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Fans of —that time has come.  Not only are we down to the Final Ten contestants, but we finally get to see the schedule for the nationwide tour.  The increasing popularity of the show has not only upped the number of stops this year, but it has increased the size of the venues the dancers will be performing in.  That may be a good or bad thing depending on what you prefer.

The tour begins Sept. 21 in Albany, NY and ends on Nov. 30th in Reno, NV.  Tickets for most cities (not including pre-sales) go on sale on Aug. 11th

To see if Lacey and Pasha will be coming anywhere near you…click on the link below!

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Run for Money Reality Show on Sci Fi

Sci Fi LogoSo, I read this article about a new reality show on Sci Fi called Run for Money, and it immediately sounded like a familiar premise to me. Turns out, it is similar to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man (based on a Stephen King novel), as well as a show that almost aired six years ago. I vaguely remember hearing about a show from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, called The Runner, where a contestant would move across the country as a fugitive, trying to escape capture from the home viewers. The show never aired because of post-9/11 security concerns, but Affleck and Damon did manage to get the reality show Push,  Nevada on the air waves, if only for a limited run. In Sci Fi’s Run for Money, again the fugitive concept is in place, with a number of contestants trying to win prizes through tasks and avoid the “Hunters” who will take them out of the game. Interesting about this show is that each episode will be filmed during a real-time 60 minutes. I’m curious to see how they can pull that off, so it may be worth tuning in. The show will air during the upcoming 2007-2008 season.

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