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Lindsay Lohan Receives Not-So-Secret Courtroom Deal

Lindsay Lohan necklace court appearanceThe California legal system is painfully learning the lesson that Lindsay Lohan has faced so many times: she can’t do one damned thing the media doesn’t discover. So it should come as no surprise that details from her highly-secretive legal bargain are leaking out of the courtroom.

Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz has scheduled an April 22 hearing for Lohan’s grand theft case, but before this she may appear in court one final time to accept the offer he made to her on Thursday. Linds has now formally rejected a plea bargain offered to her, in which she’s been asked to plead guilty to felony theft. He’s giving her until March 25 to change her mind.

The plea would give her a possible 3-month jail stay, which is a lot shorter than the 3-year sentence she’s facing if convicted of felony theft. Linds could also face a penalty for probation violation, as she’s not supposed to get into any legal trouble right now (her being fresh from a different court case, and all).

It doesn’t help that the judge wanted none of the details of the plea bargain made public. The judge asked lawyers on both sides to keep the deets hush-hush, but TMZ (and everybody else) got ahold of them anyway.

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Solar Powered LED Necklace

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solar LED necklace If you like to make statements with bold jewelry, make statements about alternative energy or just make statements in support of glowing in the dark, we have found the necklace for you! May Yokoyama’s Lux neckace is constructed of solar panels strung with LED bulbs. After two hours of charging the necklace will glow for four hours, ensuring your statement is made clearly and for a long time.

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