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Facebook Personalized Web Addy

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet,

Facebook logoLast weekend, Facebook users clamored to get a personalized Web address. Within the first 15 minutes, about half a million had grabbed a vanity URLs. With one, a user will be able to make a personal home page similar to those on MySpace. Facebook says it will now be easier to find profiles via searching. There are some restrictions, such as celebrity and brand names, politicians and those with profanity. Only those who had an account before June 9 can claim an addy.

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The New “Vernacular”

Posted by Melissa Trebus Categories: Humor, Parenting,

baby texting

I try to pride myself in being a cool “hip” mom (wait, do they say “hip” anymore), however I am having a little bit of trouble with the new technology-age vernacular. I guess my background of being an English teacher runs deeper than I thought, because the new verbs are causing me a lot of trouble. Example number one - texting. Every time I hear a group of kids talk about “texting” my grammatically correct nose twitches. A text is a noun or an adjective. They should say, “I sent you a text message.” And what about “friending” on MySpace and Facebook? Really? To an unknowledgeable observer the comment, “She friended me,” sounds absolutely ridiculous!!!  How about - She sent me a friend request? Oy! The ultimate in weird is “tweeting.” I don’t use Twitter, but the thought of telling someone that I just tweeted makes me laugh out loud - seriously!!! I suppose the gauntlet has now been thrown. Will I resist these crazy verbs or will I cave and join the crowd. Stay tuned!

Tila Tequila ‘Not Currently’ Pregnant

Although she set out to clear up rumors about a possible pregnancy, Tila Tequila has now left us with even more questions—- and that may be what she intended to begin with.

So I don’t usually like to address rumors cuz all it does is start up more drama, and as you can all clearly see in all of my video’s, I am a very fun-loving, happy, and drama-free type of girl. However lately the rumors have been piling up and I just felt the need to clear up the rumors for all of my fans because I care about you and want you to know the truth! First of all….the PREGNANCY rumors….the point is…maybe I was pregnant, or maybe I wasn’t pregnant. I think that is something very personal but I’m going to clear that up now and say that I am not currently pregnant. So there you go! Let’s move on now! NEXT!

So is it possible that she was pregnant at some point?

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Farkie - Simplified Downloading

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Internet, Movies, Music, Video Games,

Farkie logoFarkie is a simple way to download videos, playlists, Website images, flash games, links and applications. They claim millions of pages that include YouTube and MySpace. Copy and paste an address, click “download,” select a format and a few minutes later, you have your results. The free site also has an online step-by-step tutorial and, as it is still in beta, is looking for feedback on how you use the service.

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Why was Scott MacIntyre Cut from American Idol Finale?

Scott MacIntyreBilly Joel

Days after the American Idol finale, there’s one question still lingers. (No - not whether Adam Lambert should do ballards or Broadway.) What really happened to Scott MacIntyre’s performance?

The answer to that mystery depends on who you believe: MacIntyre or Billy Joel’s camp.

According to a post on Scott’s MySpace page, his featured performance was cut due to an absent celebrity. The finalist had apparently been scheduled to play the piano opposite Matt Giraud in a “Tell Her About It” face-off. Unfortunately, a last-minute cancellation by Joel meant pulling the number altogether.

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Microsoft Adds Partners to Windows Marketplace

AT&T logoAt the CTIA wireless show in Las Vegas this week, Microsoft announced new software partners for its Windows Marketplace. Pandora, Electronic Arts and Facebook have joined the team that already includes Gameloft, Accuweather.com and MySpace. All told, the company expects more of its 20,000 mobile partners to offer software when it launches later this year. Apps will work on phones with Windows Mobile 6.5, also due out towards the end of the year.

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Idol’s David Cook Would Like a Little Privacy

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Music,

David Cook

He may be a single man now, but that doesn’t mean David Cook’s desperate for attention.

In a recent post on his official MySpace page, last season’s American Idol winner addresses the “disturbing” activity he’s seen from some overaggressive fans.

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twtapps Twitter Applications

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Hot Deals, Internet, Mods / Hacks,


We know how much you like to Twitter. Now there is even more reason with these three new applications. twtcard allows you to make a greeting card with square heads and your allotted 140 characters. With twtpoll, you type in a question and multiple choice answers. And twtvite is an event manager app. Create your event and enter specifics including room for an RSVP. All three are free (donations gladly accepted) and can also be used on Facebook, MySpace and other social network sites.


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Lindsay Lohan Denies Break Up Rumors

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Movies, Music, Break-ups, Child Stars, Rumors,

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson By now, the news that Sam Ronson and broke up after New Year’s has swept every gossip mag and celebrity Web site…but the center of the attention says it’s all just false gossip.

“…we did NOT break up!” Linds wrote on her MySpace blog. “Get your stories straight please.”

The couple has been surrounded by stories of loud, public arguments, and this isn’t the first time break up rumors have singled out the pair. As of today, at least, Linds and Sam are still an item.

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Poken Links Social Networking

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Poken ScreenshotPoken

Social networking freaks may already be aware of Poken. This interesting concept combines that with a unique cutesy animal device that will keep all your Facebook, MySpace and other sites’ information. Your Poken pokes another one in real time and you can exchange info so that you can find them next time you go virtual. In actual fact, the Poken is a USB connector with basic personal data. The site is fairly new, but they are planning on adding more features like message sending. That is a good thing, because it’s been our experience that we meet most chums online first rather than the opposite.


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