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Guitar Hero 5 - New Features, More Musicians

GH 3Activision has announced that Guitar Hero 5 will be available for the PS3, PS2, Xbox and Wii this fall. The new game has a set list of tunes from 85 different bands such as the Stones, Tom Petty, Kings of Leon and the White Stripes. The company says more than 25 musicians will make their debut in the game. Also new to the game are Party Play and RockFest modes, and Band Moments that gives the entire band a point boost for a good performance.

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Danny Gokey: From Musician to Model?

Danny Gokey“I want to come out with a line of glasses,” Danny Gokey revealed after his third-place finish on . “I would really like to start a Danny line or a Gokey line.”

But why stop there? Gokey wants to try his hand at modeling those specs, too. “I would love to be an eyeglass model. I’m serious,” he added. “That would be so cool.”

doesn’t seem too downtrodden about his elimination from the nation’s most popular reality show. In fact, he doesn’t seem all that concerned with music. “I would love to do anything glasses-wise,” he made sure to hammer the point home.

Well Danny, guess we’ll be seeing a lot of you in vision ads in the future (sorry about the pun).

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Zune gunning for iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and file sharers

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Zune Top Songs

is definitely looking to bring it with the in recent weeks. You just know that they have to have something, like the , up their sleeves. I mean, they must have something going on, because all of a sudden they are getting bold with their advertising and claims. First came Wes Moss, their smarmy financial planner who explains why the Zune Pass is the best deal in music (even though it truly is.) Now, they’ve set up a section within the Zune Player itself that let’s you grab all the top songs from the top 100 offerings on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and even File Sharing (how would they know)?

What do you think? What would it take to get you to consider Zune as a music service, if not as a device?

Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player

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CD PlayerThe Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player is a combination of retro style and human power. The player is wall mounted and works by a pull-string, like Mattel’s See ‘N Say. Volume and playback control is on top and speakers are integrated into the main body. At a size of 6.9 x 1.6 x 6.9-inches and a weight of 1.2 lbs, the device comes in either black or white for a price of $178.00. A bit high, but think of the savings by not using batteries.

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NANO 7 Series Digital Picture Frames

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NANO Frame

Jobo has introduced its new line of NANO high-end digital frames. The 7 Series Basic, Pro and Media versions are each less than a cm thick, come with remote and have a 7-inch high res TFT color LCD display. The Pro and Media frames have touch-activated buttons on the bottom front that disappear when not in use. The Media frame shows digital photo slide shows, plays music as well as video with audio and music. Contact Jobo for price and availability.


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American Idol 8: Top 3 Results

American Idol 8 Top 3

Ben Stiller, of all people, opened the Top 3 results show of 8. This odd skit was a tribute to the judges’ table and featured some pretty good comedy from Stiller, SNL regular Will Forte and Simpsons cast member Hank Azaria. Jonah Hill, looking rather dapper with a short haircut, also had a few lines.

All of this, of course, was one long and boring promotion for Stiller’s new movie. Guess which movie company is behind that flick? …

Anyway, there would be many more promotions before the episode was over. Soon enough, was standing on stage touting the fact that the Idol desk is going into the Smithsonian. Don’t get excited. This is just another cross-promotion. The name of the Stiller movie contains the word “Smithsonian,” and Freemantle is figuring they can use reality success to translate into more movie tickets for a sequel that probably won’t break box office records.

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Sony X-Series Walkman

X-Series WalkmanSony’s new X-series Walkman is about to make its debut. The player has a 3-inch OLED screen for video and an FM tuner for audio. The PMP can handle almost any music format and comes with Slacker streaming and noise-canceling headphones. WiFi enabled, expect up to 33 hours of tunes or 9 hours of video playback. Available mid June, you can preorder now. Choose the 16GB model for $299.99 or the 32GB model for $399.99.

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American Idol 8: Top 3 Perform

Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert

“They have become heroes in their hometowns,” Ryan Seacrest announced at the top of the hour. The Top 3 contestants stood on stage behind him; only one of them will be left standing at the end of next week’s finale. Everyone’s all but given the competition to Adam Lambert, but this round of singing yet remains. Can Danny Gokey or Kris Allen manage to outshine the front runner yet?

Only this performance night would yield the answer.

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Simon Cowell Still Singing the Same Tune

Simon Cowell

For many weeks, judge Simon Cowell has made no bones about throwing his support - and prediction - behind one standout competitor. Now that the contest is winding down and a winner will soon be declared, Cowell hasn’t changed a note of the song he’s been singing.

Idol’s famously critical judge is still supporting . Just recently the judge appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show singing the crooner’s praises. “He’s got swagger,” Simon smiled. The judge has said many times that Lambert will win the contest.

And they way the judges, the media and the producers of the show have been pushing Adam all season, will probably be proved right.

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FOX Won’t Stop Believing in an After-Idol Smash

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If you’ve paid any attention to FOX’s summer seasons, you know the network has had a fair bit of trouble finding a hit to put in place for Idol’s off season. was a rare win for the network, which has been looking for a similar summer reality hit for their mid-week lineup for several years.

And now, they’ve finally wised up and turned to a scripted series. In-between intense moments on , FOX has been running increasingly intriguing trailers for their musically-toned Glee. The first time I read a press release about this series, I sneered. Somewhere around the thirty-eighth promo, I started to smile. And now…I feel kinda gleeful about the premiere of Glee.

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