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Rihanna hooks up with rapper Drake?

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Rihanna Drake was seen drinking whiskey and locking lips with former child actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham at New York’s Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge this past Monday. (Aubrey is probably better known for his work on as Jimmy Brooks.) A source told the New York Post: “She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night. They were really cute together.”

Rihanna is believed to have left the trendy bowling alley with Drake around midnight. The night before, Rihanna was spotted kissing a guy at a lap dancing bar. Rihanna - whose ex-boyfriend Chris Brown allegedly assaulted her in February - took over the VIP room of New York’s Flashdancers club, and was seen getting friendly with one of the guys in her party.

A source said: “Rihanna didn’t get any lap dances herself, but she was tipping the girls a lot. And she was definitely with one of the guys in her group and kissing him all night.” The group allegedly spent around $2,500 in the club before leaving at 3:30 am.

Since then, Drake has come out and said that he and Rihanna are just friends, saying “It’s not like that at all. She’s just a friend, that’s all. A great artist.” yesterday morning on Hot 97.


Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthews Band edition launches

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tap tap revenge dave matthews band

Tap Tap Revenge has really become an iPhone staple, and today it just keeps on coming with Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthews Band. If you’re a fan of Dave Matthews Band music, and also happen to love rhythm games, you’ll want to grab this game, which costs $4.99 in the App Store. Here’s the track list:

  • Funny The Way It Is
  • Shake Me Like A Monkey
  • Tripping Billies
  • Everyday
  • Ants Marching
  • American Baby
  • Crash Into Me
  • What Would You Say
  • So Much To Say
  • Two Step

See? A lot of the Dave Matthews classics. Tap Tap Revenge: Dave Matthews Band is available now in the App Store.

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American Idol 8: Finale!

American Idol

Weeks of auditions, eliminations and memorable performances would finally culminate in a single evening of music and melodrama. Yes, it’s the finale of 8.

Various celebrities sat in the crowd as warmed up the episode. Almost 100 million votes were logged after Tuesday’s performance round.

A montage of Randy Jackson clips served as the dog’s intro, he who, for reasons quite beyond me, wore a bow tie for the evening. Kara DioGuardi moments followed, and I never realized she had such a tendency to use the word “sweetie.” She looked great for the evening, at least. The same can’t be said for Paula Abdul, who wore a hideous ensemble. Her clip showed her saying a lot of words, the meanings of which she likely doesn’t understand. Simon Cowell’s video tribute was, of course, the most entertaining of all.

The host then introduced the two stars of the evening: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. The judges stood up for the men as they took the stage. Each wore white; both looked very different. The sound equipment was hardly functioning when the two touched based with Seacrest.

A gaggle of girls stood in Conway, Arkansas (Kris Allen country) to hear the results. Carly Smithson reported from Symphony Hall (what a sad gig), where Lambert fans gathered to await the final vote count. But each camp would sit through many more video clips, performances, and general hoohah before they would find out what they most wanted to know: who won?

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Leonardo DiCaprio taking lessons to sound like Frank Sinatra

Leonardo DiCaprio Frank Sinatra is taking singing lessons to sound like Frank Sinatra. Leo is hoping to portray the legendary Sinatra in a new biopic, but needs to prove to director Martin Scorsese he has the vocal talent to carry it off. “Leonardo has hired a top vocal coach to get him sounding like Sinatra. He is a massive fan of the singer and has always wanted to play him. He would be upset to miss out on the leading role because his singing wasn’t up to scratch. He is now in intensive vocal coaching lessons to replicate Sinatra’s distinctive style.” said a source.

However, Leonardo faces competition from stars including George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, Harry Connick Jr. and Jamie Foxx. It was recently claimed Jamie - who played jazz musician Ray Charles in Ray - is being lined up to portray the Rat Pack singer after film bosses saw similarities between the two stars’ backgrounds.

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Britney Spears sued by ex-bodyguard Kerry Vine

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Britney Spears Kerry Vine is being sued by Kerry Vine, one of her ex-bodyguards. In court documents filmed this past Monday, Vine says he was injured while working at her Britney’s home in Los Angeles in March 2008. The documents state: “Advanced Security Concepts negligently operated their business thereby causing injuries to Vine who worked for Spears at the time. Spears breached that duty of care to the plaintiff by failing to ensure that he could safely perform duties that Advanced Security Concepts ordered him to perform.”

Kerry is suing for personal injury, battery and negligence which he says caused him to lose wages and incur medical and hospital fees. He also claims loss of personal property and earning capacity. The initial hearing will take place on September 2.

This is just the latest in a string of legal woes to fall into Britney’s lap. Last month, she was granted a restraining order against her former manager , which bans him from being within 100 yards of Spears for three years. Sam is also not allowed to contact the 27-year-old singer via email, phone or old-school snail mail. Lawyer Jon Eardley—who previously questioned why Britney’s father Jamie was made co-conservator of her professional and personal affairs last year—is also included in the same restraining order.

Eminem: I was like Bugs Bunny in rehab

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Eminem bugs bunny rehab says he felt like Bugs Bunny during his stint in rehab. The rapper, who just launched his latest album , admits his worldwide fame left him feeling like a cartoon character when he checked into rehab in 2005 to receive treatment for drug addiction.

Marshall Mathers told BBC Radio One, “When I landed myself in rehab in 2005 I felt like I wanted to reassess everything. I remember sitting in rehab thinking, ‘Is this what it comes to, really?’ So when I got out I knew I needed to pull back from the spotlight because of the fame thing. I was like Bugs Bunny in rehab, Bugs Bunny walking in the room. The second you walk in the room…There were some people who were as supportive as they could be, some people that were like, ‘I don’t look at you as Eminem. I’m seeing you as Marshall.’”

Eminem recently revealed he wanted to kill himself at the height of his problems. According to him, he just wasn’t taking care of himself, and at times wanted to just give up. “I was in a dark place. I wanted to pull back from the spotlight to reassess my whole career. I got sober but it was pretty rough. A couple of years were bad for me.”

Sonix7 Media Pro PMP

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Sonix7 Media ProThe Sonix7 Media Pro has the distinction of having 20 hours of video and 30 hours of audio playback on a charge. The PMP has a 3.2-inch TFT touchscreen, supports MP3, MP4, AVI and Xvid formats, and has eBook capability. It also has a digital and video cam in case you want to make some videos of your own. The Sonix7 can hold up to 4,000 songs, 14,000 photos or 60 hours of video and is available for $136.00 for the 8GB model and $159.00 for 16GB.

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Reviewing FOX’s Fall: A Glee-ful Premiere?

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will feature rather prominently on FOX’s fall schedule, appearing in the coveted spot right behind the So You Think You Can Dance results show. The network is throwing every promotional trick they can muster at the series, with the early post-Idol premiere serving as the biggest treat in the campaign.

So, was it worth the hour of programming?

The opening was promising enough: fast-paced, flashing scenes at a sunny high school. An energetic, cheerleader-heavy intro ended with the coach’s angry face and witty one-liner - perfectly setting the tone for the rest of the episode.

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American Idol 8: Top 2 Perform

8 is in its final week, and that means the show is more exciting than ever. A new Idol is about to be crowned, and on Tuesday the two contenders had to square off vocally. Every thing they did will affect the results they’ll receive on Wednesday. This performance night could, in fact, be the most important of their entire lives.

After all, it might just mark the difference between winning…and losing.

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Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen: American Idol’s Finale Face Off

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen

Who will win the crown? The question may be the same each May, but somehow the contestants are always vastly different. This year’s final two male finishers aren’t a bit like the David-David combination that became a staple of American Idol 7. So how do Adam Lambert and Kris Allen compare to each other?

Is it even possible to compare two such vastly different personalities? Lambert and Allen, this year’s Top 2, couldn’t be more contrasting.

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