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Marshall Mini Guitar Amp

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Marshall Mini AmpMarshall fans will dig this Mini Guitar Amp. Powered by a 9V battery (not included,) the claim is that it sounds like a full size amp. While that may not be true, it does look like the original and features overdrive, tone and volume control. It comes with a belt clip for those who wander while they jam, and a headphone jack for times of solitude. The 5.75-inch tall mini amplifier is available for $44.99.

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A Weekend of Sorrow: Three Beloved Celebs Depart

Michael Jackson and Farrah FawcettBilly Mays

For three sets of family, friends and huge contingents of fans, June 25 will be remembered as the beginning of a very dark time. In only three days, the lives of three very large personalities were cut short. The trio of tragedies will mark change in thee industries: music, advertising and television. That all of them passed at relatively young ages by our standards, and all went so quickly, has left those of us who remain in shock.

But these larger-than-life personalities are big enough to shine even once the lights are dimmed, even beyond the cold chill of death.


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American Idol Gives Simon Cowell a Raise

Simon CowellAccording to the New York Post, judge has been offered at least $100 million to continue with American Idol in the upcoming season - a huge hike from the paltry $34 million he made from the show in 2009.

Idol, by the way, makes around $900 million every year, so the huge raise shouldn’t put too much strain on the reality show. Looks like all Cowell’s talking about leaving the show had an effect - no way is Idol about to let him walk.

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Was Adam Lambert Ineligible for American Idol?

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Adam Lambert

Hi Fi records is planning to release an album full of ’s songs that were recorded before he was ever on reality TV…but, there are several problems with the whole thing. It all started when Hi Fi made their intentions known. Lambert then responded, via the press, that these are not actually his songs but mere studio recordings which no longer reflect where he is musically - he contents they were meant to be demos for other singers.

The record company responded with a memo that suggests Lambert had a hand in writing most of the songs. Lambert promptly changed his tune (pun intended) at this point, saying the demos were indeed his…but, he doesn’t want them to be released.

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Jackson Family Meets with LAPD

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Michael Jackson, there are still some questions surrounding the untimely death of recording legend Michael Jackson. TMZ is reporting that Katherine, Joe and “several brothers” met with police officers at the pop star’s home earlier today.

The site says that both sides wanted the meeting - the family to learn more about Jackson’s death, the police to gain information that might help them determine the cause of the crooner’s fatal cardiac arrest. This meeting ended the same day.

TMZ has also reported that Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s physician, sent a letter to his patients less than two weeks ago. In the letter, the doctor informed them he would be leaving his medical practice. “I am deeply saddened to leave you at this point, but please know my absence is not permanent,” the letter reads.

ET has as he was being treated by paramedics - the last-known photograph taken of the singer during his life. Michael Jackson was 50 at the time of his death Thursday afternoon. The “King of Pop,” he enjoyed extreme success in the music industry, with a career that spanned four decades.

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Free Michael Jackson Tribute Station on Slacker

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Michael Jackson Blue SIlhouetteThe free Tribute station is just another reason to love .  Here’s the description, and why you should load this up immediately if you’re a fan of the deceased King of Pop:

Since the passing of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, the world has mourned the loss of a great artist. Join Slacker Radio in celebrating the incredible music legacy of one of the biggest and most influential Pop stars of our time. Hear songs from Michael Jackson’s most popular albums as well as his early music years with the Jackson 5. You’ll also hear covers of Jackson’s music and hits from artists that were directly influenced by the King of Pop including Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Ciara and more.

We’ve had it playing all day, and it’s full of fantastic. And it’s free. Thank you, Slacker.

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Listen to Michael Jackson Tribute Station on Slacker

Michael Jackson Tribute, our favorite free online music steaming service, has set up a custom station, titled “In Memory of the King of Pop - A Michael Jackson Tribute” and we’ve had it playing all day. Best part? You can listen to it absolutely free, just by heading to the Michael Jackson Tribute Radio page. Aside from all the Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 classic, you’ll also hear covers of his music by artists he influenced like Usher, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, and more.

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Video: Michael Jackson Dies, A Look at His Lean Illusion

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Michael Jackson died today, and since I grew up with the man who many would argue is one of the greatest entertainers of all time, I thought we’d do a tribute to one of the cooler pieces of tech that played into his dance moves. If you remember the Smooth Criminal video, he did an amazing lean. We know the video used special effects to make that look as good as it did, but he also incorporated that lean into his live show.

In the video above, you see that Michael and his dancers have special shoes that seem to hook into the stage, allowing them to lean. Notice how one of his backup dancers gets his foot stuck and has to shake it loose afterwards.

We’ll miss you, Michael.

Michael Jackson Dies

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Michael Jackson

We’ve just learned that , the iconic pop singer, has died at 50 years old.

Earlier this afternoon, Michael was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest, and paramedics were, unfortunately, unable to revive him. According to TMZ, when paramedics arrived, Michael had no pulse, and they were never able to get a pulse back.

Michael leaves behind his three children, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II.

Michael Jackson was set for a residency of 50 concerts at London’s O2 Arena, set to start next month. Michael Jackson will obviously be mourned by many, the world over.

It has now been confirmed by the LA Times and CBS News that Michael Jackson has died.

Crosley Attic Radio Speaker

Attic Radio SpeakerFor those who like to mix the old with the new, the Crosley Attic Radio Speaker will be a welcome gift. The working AM/FM tuner with analog display and large knobs promises clear tones through its AroundSound technology that eliminates “hot” spots no matter where it is placed. Even better, the 7.5 x 5.25 x 5.75-inch wooden radio doubles as a speaker for MP3 players or other audio components. You can get one for $98.00, but this is an online only price.

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