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Ryan Seacrest’s Salary on the Rise

American Idol

American Idol’s is currently negotiating his contract, which could come with a pay hike that promotes him to one of the highest-paid hosting gigs in TV. Simon Cowell was the first to ink a deal for the ninth season of the show, with remaining regular cast members still in talks with FOX, Fremantle and 19 Entertainment.

The three companies jointly produce Idol (this helps explain why Idol has three times more promotion and product placement per episode than some shows see in an entire season), and Seacrest is getting further into the fold all the time. Reportedly, the reality TV mogul is working on a new series with 19 Entertainment and American Idol creator Simon Fuller. This could be the which has been Twittered about recently…or, it could be any one of the other umpteen TV gigs Seacrest has in the works. 

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How to Stream Your Zune Tracks to Your iPhone

iPhone Zune Screen

It’s no secret, we are big fans of Microsoft’s - both the service, and the device. I’ve had a since the service launched, and use it daily (my Zune Pass profile.) If you aren’t sure what that is, it’s an unlimited music streaming and download service. You can listen to as much as you want for just $15 a month. In addition, you get to keep any 10 tracks of your choosing each month as well. Yours to keep, forever. Did you know, though, that you can stream any of your downloaded Zune tracks to your ? Yeah, that’s one of the best parts. When you start connecting the dots, you soon realize that you have the potential of having an entire catalogue of music available to you, on your iPhone, regardless of the amount of storage you’ve got.

But, wait…how do you stream Windows Media Audio files to the iPhone, which doesn’t support that format? Furthermore, Zune tracks that aren’t downloaded as part of your 10 free keepers per month are riddled with DRM. Yeah, we hear you. There is no Zune app available for the iPhone itself. What you need is to install a piece of software on your PC, along with downloading an app on your iPhone. Join us, as we open up the musical floodgates.

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Paula Abdul Confirmed to American Idol

Paula Abdul has been invited to be a part of American Idol for “the duration of the show, however long it lasts.” Though her contract for Season 9 isn’t official, the former pop princess says the #1 reality show is something she’ll always “want to be a part of.”

recently got a huge pay hike from Idol, proving that he, too, will be returning for one more season at least.

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Free MP3:  Gossip – Heavy Cross (BURNS Remix)

DescriptionArtist: B U R N S
Album: B U R N S
Song: Gossip- Heavy Cross (B U R N S Remix) [Download @ RCRD]
Reppin’: UK
WWW: http://myspace.com/thisisburns
What?: B U R N S combines sound hardware from the seventies and eighties with modern music software and samples, B U R N S started to produce hundreds of demos, experimenting as he began to define his signature sound.

Exclusive Green Day Tracks and Mayhem Festival Artists on Wii Rock Band

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If you are like me and were not able to score tickets to this year’s Mayhem Tour, you can pretty much guess you will spend that day mopping or curling up in bed. Well, Harmonix says NO to that and is releasing 28 tracks from the artists performing at the event in addition to back-catalog tracks from The Presidents of the United States, The Offspring and Lamb of God all available July 7th, 2009. Only catch? These tracks are only available for Rock Band.

Track listing available after the jump.

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American Idol 9: Bucking for a Female Winner?

American Idol

No episodes have aired and the season hasn’t started, but industry gossip has it that a female will wear the crown at the end of (which begins broadcasting in January).

According to Vote for the Worst, the gossip mill is saying that producers are willing to do whatever it takes - and votes be damned - to reach this desired end. Since the last two seasons have featured male winners, it’s assumed a female will re-balance the winning scales for the reality show. Allegedly, good-looking female plants are being shuffled into the audition mix even now.

(Make sure to check out our other American Idol 9 posts.)

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LEGO Rock Band hands-on

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Lego Rock Band

God, what a lonely-looking stand they had this game set up on. Look at that. Really?

When it comes down to brass tacks, at least to me, and go together like peanut butter and chitin. After being revealed to discerning eyes during Dan Teasdale’s GDC talk, the game has garnered some attention from puzzled, clueless journos like myself. LEGO Rock Band is a game for the little’uns, principally, tooled to a younger age demographic and given a fresh coat of paint to keep the drooling cretins jamming away on modern pop hits. So if you’re coming in looking for some Pantera, you’ll be disappointed. But I digress.

Hit the jump for some impressions of LEGO: Rock Band.

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Einstein Photon Ball with iPod Dock

Photon Ball/DockGear up for Independence Day with your own mini fireworks display. The Einstein Sound Master Photon Ball iPod Dock combines both sight and sounds. The colors move to the beat and your e gets to recharge on the handy dock. Available for most iPods, the device also has an AM/FM tuner, an LCD alarm clock so you can wake to your play list, and can be synced to a PC. The price of the photon dock is $34.99 with free shipping.

(Have a good one, all.)

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iPod User Tries Out First Sony Walkman

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Scott Campbell and MomIt’s hard to believe that it has been 30 years since the very first Walkman came out. In honor of the occasion (or perhaps in spite of it) Scott Campbell gave up his for a week and was asked to try it out. Some of his comments were worth repeating:

  • “When I wore it walking down the street or going into shops, I got strange looks, a mixture of surprise and curiosity, that made me a little embarrassed.”
  • “It took me three days to figure out that there was another side to the tape.”
  • “When playing, it is clearly evident that the music sounds significantly different than when played on an MP3 player, mainly because of the hissy backtrack and odd warbly noises on the Walkman.”
  • “I managed to create an impromptu shuffle feature simply by holding down ‘rewind’ and releasing it randomly.”

His dad’s comment when he told him about his idea, “Walkmen eat tapes.” P.S. We liked that hissy backtrack.

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Sonos CR200 controller to have touch-screen

Sonos CR200

After a month suspicion, the first image of the new CR200 controller has finally popped up. Sonos will be releasing a new portrait controller, which is said to include a touchscreen, which would include a QWERTY keyboard for searching for artists, albums, or song titles. As we’ve seen with the iPhone Sonos Controller app, the Sonos system and touch-screens go very nicely together. Let’s just hope the CR200 doesn’t cost $400 like the current Sonos Controller.

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