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Singer Jewel to Co-Host Nashville Star

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JewelThe fifth season of USA’s Nashville Star will begin on January 11th, with Jewel taking on co-hosting duties. Nashville Star is the country-fied version of American Idol, searching for the next best country singer. Cowboy Troy returns as co-host, and I have to honestly say that I have no idea who that even is. At least they have a big name like Jewel to bring in more viewers. Jewel is rising to the co-hosting challenge, saying “I grew up on a ranch in Alaska, and my favorite memories are of sitting around a campfire with my father and listening to the songs he wrote and sang. It was pure country music, and it has made me a sincere fan of country music ever since.” At least she’s reminiscing about growing up in Alaska, and not about living in a van (as the tale goes, that’s how she spent the early days of her career). Her latest album, “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” came out in May. The winner of Nashville Star will get a recording contract.

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Madonna Concert Special—Pulling Crucifixion Stunt?

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Madonna The upcoming Madonna concert special—Confessions—will air soon on NBC, however, the network is still undecided about whether or not it will include the crucifixion “stunt” that many protested. The mock crucifixion has Madonna hanging by wires on a cross while wearing a crown of thorns. Madonna—controversial? As you may have heard, the Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church were not too happy with the scene, calling it blasphemy. With an endorsement like that, it would seem likely that NBC would edit out the stunt and air the concert blasphemy-free. Executives at NBC, however, are waiting to review the concert before making their decision about whether to air it or not. “We’re awaiting the delivery of it, and once we’ve seen it in its entirety, we’ll make a decision,” an NBC spokeswoman told Reuters. NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly was quoted in July as saying, “We’ve discussed what content will be in and what is out, and we’ve come to a healthy place that represents her show but is appropriate for television.” The Madonna concert special is set to air in November.

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Rockstar: Insert New Name Here—Toby was Robbed!

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Rock Star Lukas RossiOh man, another disappointing reality show finale for me. I’m sure not everyone feels the same way as me about who was crowned the winner of Rockstar: Supernova since there was much fan support for him. The finale had Magni, Lukas, Toby and Dilana fighting it out for the lead singer job. First cut was Magni (ouch), but my guy Toby was still in the running, so I was happy. Then, the unthinkable—Toby got the axe. What?! I couldn’t even believe that Dilana and Lukas were standing there as the final two contenders. I haven’t been a fan of either of them from the beginning—Dilana is a touch scary with her voice sounding like she’s eaten a bag of glass prior to taking the stage, and Lukas had me questioning “What is he singing? I can’t understand a word.” Toby seemed to me to be a great match with the boys of the band because of his easy-going attitude and his ability to get the crowd hyped up. And he’s cute, so that helps. If nothing else, the exposure will get him his own record deal and we’ll be seeing him again. Besides, who knows how long the Rockstar band will even last.

On to other Rockstar news, you may recall that we reported that there already is a band called Supernova and the fate of the Rockstar band taking on the same name was questionable. Well, a judge ruled that the Rockstar boys will have to choose another name. You may have noticed last night that host Brooke Burke made no mention of the name Supernova when introducing the band with new front-man Lukas Rossi. Let me know what you thought of the outcome. Was it just me, or did the crowd seem a bit bored when Lukas started singing with the band? Don’t hate me Lukas fans—he’s just not my cup o’tea.

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Tom Sizemore, Andrew Dice Clay Reality Shows on VH1

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VH1 Logo Those of you dying to see the next screw-ups on their own reality show won’t have to wait much longer. VH1 announced that two reality shows will focus on a couple of has-beens working on their comebacks. I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to see what Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Sizemore have been up to. I’m all for comeback stories, but these two don’t seem to bring much to the table. You may remember crude Clay in the 1980s—he of the stand-up featuring dirty Mother Goose rhymes (“Little Boy Blue. He needed the money.”), movie roles and even his own sitcom. Where has he been since then? Look no further than the latest reality show to answer that question. His series will follow his current career as author, Sirius satellite radio show producer, and his jump back into a comedy CD. The series will premiere on VH1 in March and will provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of him touring and dealing with parenting and relationship issues.

Sizemore, on the other hand, had a credible film career, which slowly fell apart with his sex and drug addictions, conviction for assault and battery against “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss, and sex tape plastered on the Internet. Sizemore’s reality show will take a look at his climb back up the acting ladder, as he goes on jobs and films a BBC movie in Canada. To fill in his story, his own flashback footage of his sex and drug days will probably provide more info than you wanted to know. No word yet on when Sizemore’s show will air.

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Rock Star: INXS Contestant Gets Record Deal

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Rock Star If you’ve been following along with this season’s Rock Star and wondering what ever happened to last year’s Rock Star: INXS contestants, this one’s for you. Fans of last season’s MiG, one of the three finalists, has signed a record deal. His self-titled debut will be released in January and will feature covers of “A Kiss From A Rose,” by Seal, David Bowie’s “Life On Mars,” The Police’s “Wrapped Around Your Finger” and Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” He also recorded “Baby I Love Your Way,” with Peter Frampton—the first single is already available for download on Yahoo!

If you recall, MiG grew up in Australia, but lived in London, appearing in the musicals Rent and We Will Rock You. Then he took on the challenge of Rock Star: INXS, proving to be a worthy competitor. No word yet on whether or not the entire album will be covers (let’s hope there’s something original in there) or when it will be released.

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