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Bon Jovi says Steve Jobs personally responsible for killing music industry

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Music

Steve Jobs Bon JoviApple CEO Steve Jobs is to blame for "killing" the music industry, rocker Jon Bon Jovi recently told the U.K.'s Sunday Times Magazine.

"Kids today have missed the whole experience of putting the headphones on, turning it up to 10, holding the jacket, closing their eyes and getting lost in an album; and the beauty of taking your allowance money and making a decision based on the jacket, not knowing what the record sounded like, and looking at a couple of pictures and still imagining it," he said.

Bon Jovi's music can be found on iTunes, but apparently, he's none too thrilled about it.

"God, it was a magical, magical time," the "Livin' on a Prayer" singer continued. "I hate to sound like an old man now, but I am, and you mark my words, in a generation from now people are going to say: 'What happened?' Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business."

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Superfrothco Record Label to Release Solely in USB Flash Drive

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Corporate News, Music, Storage, USB

Grillo the ClownSuperfrothco appears to be the first independent record label to switch its format to Flash Drive alone. Its debut album will be from Jeffrey Scott Holland in September, who performs a combination of modern jazz, cabaret, dixieland and show tunes. The company will also be releasing the back-catalogued Hasil Adkins “Night Life” and the soon to be released Grillo the Clown, a Kentucky street performer whose thing leans mostly towards the Weird Al variety. We are thinking that if more record companies begin to do the same, they might want to start including a package deal that would include a hub with every few purchases.

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