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New Conan Movies, Screens Look Dismember-ific

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Sure, it may owe a lot to its predecessors, and its timing may be bad given the emminent release of God of War II. But I’ll be damned if this game doesn’t look like some straight-up chop-up-some-baddies fun.

I mean just LOOK at that carnage! I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen a floor that bloodied and limb-covered since a bunch of yakuza bit it in Kill Bill I. OK, Conan isn’t the most original game, and given the history of movies turned into games, I don’t have the highest of hopes. Still, some developer had a lot of fun figuring out n different ways to cut a person into bits.

Conan (not to be confused with the upcoming MMORPG Age of Conan) will be hitting the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. Hopefully these previews will keep your bloodlust in check until then.

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Bleeding Edge TV 153: VeriSign Intelligent CDN Technology

VeriSign is throwing down the content delivery gauntlet with their Intelligent CDN technology. We are talking about full high definition video content streamed directly to your television at very high speeds. They show off a 200 MB file that is encoded at 5 mbps 1080p, which downloads completely in under 30 seconds. This is the kind of technology we hope to see on our set top boxes in the near future, and VeriSign is promising that it isn’t far away at all. Give it a view, and let us know what you think. Could both and be dead in the water with tech like this soon to be available everywhere?

Bleeding Edge TV 137: All About HD DVD

We stopped by to chat with HD DVD Association representative David Carlson. Dave gives us a quick glimpse into the format, and the benefits it provides over standard definition DVD (looks a lot better), as well as the Blu-Ray format (less expensive for consumers to adopt.) He also goes into some of the more interactive features of HD DVD, such as navigating menus and settings while the movie is playing. For the full scoop, check the video.

Microsoft Announces TV, Movie Downloads For Xbox Live

Xbox Live Movies

Rumors recently surfaced that Microsoft was going to make movie downloads available over Xbox Live. Today, Microsoft confirmed those rumors, announcing that they would make television episode downloads and movie rentals available through the Xbox Live Marketplace. The first hints that a rental service was in the offering was the presence of a new expiration flag on multimedia downloads from the Live service. Providers lining up to offer content on Xbox Live include CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. Movie content providers include Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Paramount Pictures. Television content will be download to own, and movie content will be download to rent over the service. The offering will officially launch on November 22nd, the anniversary of the Xbox 360 in the United States. No mention of availability in multiple regions was made, and costs were not released, but one would expect that Microsoft would offer prices that are competitive with Apples iTunes store. Now, however, the once “spacious” 20 GB hard drive is starting to seem rather small to support downloadable HD content.

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MS Skips the HD Format War, Goes Straight to Digital Distribution?

Description Rumors are circulating that, in addition to playing HD-DVD movies, the Xbox 360 will soon be a digital entertainment hub for downloadable video content. This sounds like something that would take a lot of time and infrastructure, but who knows - those are two things MS definitely has in spades. Plus, by avoiding the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray format war, Microsoft could puts Sony in a tough position. Either Sony has to start offering downloadable movies as well (thus cutting into their hopes for Blu-Ray), or the Xbox 360 just starts looking a little stronger in the features list.

SHSIBAE has learned that Microsoft will begin offering downloadable HD movies later this month. At launch time– rumored to be around Nov. 22–over 1100 hours of video will be available to rent or purchase through an XBOX 360 connected to XBOX Live. Feature length movies will require a ten minute caching period before viewing, which should be just long enough to make some popcorn, grab a beer, and find your favorite blanket.

We’ll definitely be looking for some sort of non-denial denial from Microsoft, but it never hurts to dream, eh? The idea of downloading movies to your Xbox 360 and watching them minutes later sounds amazingly sweet.

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Bleeding Edge 056: How To Turn A Human Into A Borg

So, at the last Mind Camp event that Gear Live put on, Jesse transformed Sparky into a borg. We figured that, with both Halloween on the horizon, as well as the next Mind Camp happening next month, we would relive this amazing feat. Check out the video for some serious movie make-up action, along with the always crazy antics of Sparky - only this time, in Borg style.

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