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Amazon to acquire Netflix to form digital movie powerhouse?

Amazon acquire Netflix stock is surging today due to a hot rumor that the company may be acquired by .

To the average Amazon consumer, this may be an odd pairing at first glance. However, as broadband penetration becomes more widespread throughout the US, digital movie download services will slowly drive a nail through physical disk media rental services. Both Amazon and Netflix offer movie streaming services right now. Many users of the Netflix service have complained about the lack of newer content being available. Amazon however, offers new movies for rent and download. Together, though, you have one hell of an offering.

A Netflix acquisition for Amazon would mean up airing of these two services, which in the eyes of many a digital downloader would be perfection.

Of course this is all rumor, and we won’t know for sure until something official comes out of either camp. However, looking at the stock surge, there certainly seems to be something up at Netflix. Do note, however, a similar rumor cropped up about two years ago, and nothing ever came of it.

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Movies, Television Episodes Now Available Via Xbox Live Marketplace

Xbox Live Downloads

Today, on the one year anniversary of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has announced the first batch of television and movie titles along with pricing for their video download service. Gamers with either an Xbox Live Silver or Gold account will be able to download video content in either HD or SD formats; those that choose the HD formats will also be able to download the SD format at no charge. Microsoft’s pricing has also been set at the following levels:

Content TypeHigh DefStandard
Television Shows240 Points ($3)160 Points ($2)
New Release Movies480 Points ($6)320 Points ($4)
Classic Movies360 Points ($4.50)240 Points ($3)

Right now, the selection seems kind of sparse, and a single high definition movie download will take up well over 1/3 of the available space on a stock 20 GB hard drive. Television episode download prices seem in line with iPod download pricing, with a premium for high definition content, but it doesn’t appear that subscription options will be available. Movie download “rental” pricing seems high, particularly compared to mail-delivery based services like Netflix. Having DRM restrictions on the “rental” doesn’t help a lot either.

The full press release continues below.

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