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Battle of the Beasts: Audi TT RS vs Ducati 1199 Panigale S (video!)

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Ducati vs Audi


Volkswagen Auto Group has been seeing their sales numbers grow significantly over the past few years, but it's about to see that number multiply as soon as it finalizes the purchase of Italian superbike manufacturer, Ducati. In the meantime, how about pitting the two companies against each other? Some enterprising folks over in Germany took it upon themselves to make it happen. So what were their weapons of choice? From Volkswagen’s side they choose the Audi TT RS, which has quicker track times than the Audi R8 on most runs. From Ducati’s side they choose the 1199 Panigale. Check out the video above to see who wins!

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Aqua Star Underwater Motorcycle

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Aqua StarLet’s file this one under, “But why would you want to?” Brothers Dmitry and Timophey Ryabikiny have designed an underwater two-seater motorcycle. No special equipment is needed as the design includes a helmet with air supply available and a system to prevent glass steam-up. The Russian Aqua Star has two motors, the second one allowing the rider to maneuver by pressing and holding a button. The bike can go to a depth of 12 meters and move 7 km/hour. The brothers plan on making their prototype available next summer.

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Simpson Motorcycle Helmet Mouse

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Simpson Helmet MouseSimpson motorcycle fans will love this helmet that is actually a mouse made by motopuran. The device is licensed and built to scale with an optical system of 600 dpi, left and right click buttons, and a scroll wheel. Choose between black, silver, red, and yellow. Compatible with Windows 98 and newer and Mac OSX, the USB mouse comes with a removable cord for displaying for ¥2,380 (~$22.00.) That’s pretty clever but we think we will wait for the Harley version.

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Leonhardt Gunbus Motorcycle

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Leonhardt Gunbus

This is one mother of a bike. Clemens Leonhardt built what he calls the “world’s biggest motorcycle” at 3.47 meters in length and weighing 650 kg. The Leonhardt Gunbus has a 410-cubic inch, air-cooled, two-cylinder V-type engine. The tires, manufactured by Rigdon, are 38 x 11 and 42 x 15-inches. This is no prototype. Leonhardt not only plans to market them, he is working on a side car to go with his monstrosity. Contact the company for price and more details.


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Cirbin Features Flashy Trike

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We don’t see many vehicles that run on three wheels and impress us. Cirbin’s V13R has the same 1250cc v-twin found on Harleys. Made of a fiberglass body outside a tubular steel chassis, it has a complete lighting system and control from its bucket seats. At a size of 139 x 78.5-inches, it has removable roll bars and comes in black, red, or silver with a price of $39,995.00. We figure if you are going to pay that much for a trike, why not go whole hog? Check out Cirbin’s site as the V13R will be touring this summer.


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The Garmin Zumo 550: GPS for Your Motorcycle

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Garmin Zumo 550 We find the notion of a Hells Angel needing a GPS device hard to visualize, but we guess sometimes they too need directions, just like the rest of us. The folks at Garmin accomodate with their latest, the Zumo 550, which comes pre-loaded with maps, offers text and voice directions, and even has Bluetooth and MP3 capability. The Zumo 550 is easily mounted onto a hog (or car). However Apple lovers are out of luck (for now), as Garmin’s MapSource software is not supported by Macs. CNET liked the Zumo enough to rate it an 8.3 out of 10.

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