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Monster Introduces New Speed-Rated HDMI Cable Line

Monster HDMI Cables

has just announced their new HDMI cable line, and this one looks to be a doozy. Looking to stay ahead of the curve, Monster has introduced a total of five different speeds for their offerings. Those would be Standard Speed (2.23 Gbps), High Speed (4.95 Gbps), Advanced High Speed (6.68 Gbps), Ultra-High Speed (10.2 Gbps), and Ultimate High Speed (14.93 Gbps). Now you might be wondering to yourself why any of this is even necessary. In our own opinion, it isn’t. Monster could have cut two of those speeds out of the equation and had a lineup that would still meet the needs of pretty much every consumer. The reason they went this way, however, seems to be so that customer can buy exactly the cable they need without having to spend more on one that might be overkill. Hear me out.

The Ultimate High Speed cable hits 14.93 Gbps. If you are just pushing 480p signals in your home entertainment system, you don’t need that, and therefore can spend a lot less on the Standard Speed. However, if you are doing 720p/1080i, the Standard won’t be enough, and you should then bump up to the High Speed cable - Advanced High Speed would be overkill unless you have devices that send and receive signals. Starting to make sense?

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