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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Monopoly zAPPed

Monopoly zapped edition

Next up in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is Monopoly zAPPed, a full-fledged verion of Monopoly that can also be considered an iPad accessory. There are gonna be a lot of iPads and iPad minis under the tree this year, and if you already know someone who owns one (or who will own one this holiday season,) consider this game as a fun gift for them. The game is played with an iPhone or iPad with two to four players, and is different from tradtional Monopoly in that the device (iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone) is the bank and there are on-screen mini games. Also, there is no money, as you just swipe your credit card on the display for transactions. Included in the box are the game board with rubber pads, 6 tokens, 28 Property cards, 32 green houses, 12 red hotels, 2 dice, 4 Monopoly Touch-banking cards and instructions. You can pick up Monopoly zAPPed for $29.99, or $26.24 on Amazon (a 14% savings!)

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Tons of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch apps on sale today

iOS game sale

It's Memorial Day, and while we all remember those who've fought--and continue to fight--for our freedom, plenty of stores are also offering deals. For example, the Apple App Store is featuring a bunch of heavily discounted titles, some up to 90% off, for Memorial Day. We've got a list of some of the best deals below! Definitely the right time to stock up if you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch (oh, and don't forget, you can jailbreak them all now too!):

Universal Apps (iPad, iPhone, iPad)

iPad Apps

iPhone Apps

Sprint requests government to reject AT&T purchase of T-Mobile

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Sprint reject att tmobile merger

Sprint on Monday formally objected to the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile, and called on the government to reject the deal because it would harm competition in the wireless space.

"Sprint urges the United States government to block this anti-competitive acquisition," Vonya McCann, senior vice president of government affairs at Sprint, said in a statement. "This transaction will harm consumers and harm competition at a time when this country can least afford it."

AT&T surprised the tech community last Sunday when it announced plans to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion. AT&T argued that the purchase will help stop the spectrum crunch and spur the companies's deployment of 4G service.

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Monopoly: The Stupidest Movie Ever?


(I might normally preface the information I’m about to share with a disclaimer, a statement saying that this is not a joke. The truth is, I’m not so sure about that this time…and frankly, I am truly hoping that it is a joke - perhaps some press stunt or some such thing. In either case…)

According to recent reports, is moving forward with a film based on the popular board game Monopoly. Ridley Scott, who’s behind such movies as Alien and Gladiator is going to direct. But just wait! That’s not even the outlandish part.

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What Your Monopoly Properties Say About You

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MonopolyWe have shown you how to become an M&M and South Park character, tested your knowledge on the Daily Lunchtime quiz, and now this online psychoanalysis cracked us up to the point we had to share. “Jessica” is an incredibly astute writer who has found the reason why we choose certain Monopoly properties. We are almost embarrassed to tell you where we stand, or rather rent, but take a peek at her discovery at the link. Leave a comment if you think she is accurate and she may live up to her promise to analyze why we choose a certain path playing the board game “Life.”

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Angie Martinez, Irv Gotti argue over real-cash Monopoly

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See what happens when you have so much money that you can play Monopoly with real cash, but not enough that you can’t do it in a carefree fashion with $3500 is up for grabs? In this video Irv Gotti and Angie Martinez argue amongst friends, with Joe Budden capturing it all on video. Careful though, there’s a lot of salty language in this one. Oh, and a lot of loud, obnoxious Irv as well.

Remake News: MacGyver, It, The Bodyguard and More

MacGyver: Now you didn’t think those MacGruber skits would lead nowhere, did ya? After seeing a renewed interest in the former ABC series (thanks NBC), New Line has decided to pounce on the golden opportunity. The story about a resourceful agent (Angus MacGyver) who improvised during critical moments will now be turned into a motion picture. No casting decisions or script have been completed.

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Ridley Scott to Direct Film Version of Monopoly

MonopolyIf you’ve found yourself needing to enjoy Monopoly in one more possible form, you’re in luck. An adaptation of the classic game is now being prepared for the big screen, nearly 25 years after the same was done for Clue. (Yes, it was that long ago.)

And while some may choose to write this project off completely - I mean, the game only has like one character - there could be reason to take note. A few high-profile names have already been attached to the Hasbro-Universal collaboration. Ridley Scott, the same man behind Gladiator and , will be co-producing and directing the film. (He reportedly would like to give the film a “futuristic sheen” like he did with 1982’s Blade Runner.) Meanwhile, Pamela Pettler, the woman who penned Corpse Bride and Monster House, is in charge of the script.

Other games that could eventually end up in theaters include Ouija Board and Battleship.

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