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Give the Gift That Never Shuts Up

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Toys

Gobble Money MonsterWe file this under what to give this Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanza to someone who irritates you no end. The Money Monster says over 20 obnoxious things when you feed it coins or bills such as:

  • “Money, money, in my tummy.”
  • “Mmm, it tastes so good!”
  • “Oh, yes, jingle, jingle, in my belly.”

Even better payback is that it often burps after a feeding and will harass passersby when it is neglected. At a size 7½ x 8¾ x 6-inches, it requires 3 AA batteries (included.) Choose between the pink MeMe and blue Gobble for $24.95 apiece.

(Thanks, Jennifer)

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Games With Online Multiplayer Sell More

Multiplayer, Globe with Halo 2 Lobby

A research paper from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research has been released that suggests that games with online support can be crucial to a game’s retail success. Not surprisingly, another way to boost sales is to create a quality game (defined as those with a 90+ score on Metacritic), with these well-reviewed titles outselling the average release well above 5-to-1.

While making good games typically means making good money, naturally, it is a bit surprising to see the report indicate that sales can be doubled by dropping in an online mode. With online games selling twice the number copies that offline titles do, it’s curious to note that over half of games released don’t offer even basic online support.

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Game Crazy Parent Company Struggling

Posted by Paul Hamilton Categories: Corporate News

Game CrazyMovie Gallery, the parent company for brick-and-mortar game retailer/renter (and one of the few remaining chain competitors to GameStop/EB) received an extension on its $900 million restructuring loan as it continues to struggle in an increasingly difficult market. Movie Gallery also owns Hollywood Video and and eponymous stores. CEO Joe Malugen said, “Despite the challenging market conditions for Movie Gallery and the entire rental industry, we are continuing to work with our lenders and our outside advisors to help address the Company’s current financial situation. We plan to continue to operate the Company without interruption as we work through this challenging period.”

So clearly the word of the day is “challenging” but the company seems to be angling toward an acquisition or merger to overcome those challenges. So far they have had to close stores and reduce staff to try and meet financial obligations, and this new extension has given them until August 27th before the loan is considered defaulted.

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