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Quote of the Day: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Making Profitable, Good Films

Christopher Nolan with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

“There’s a lot of stuff that gets created for the love of it, and there’s a lot that really does get created with almost no love involved. Just to make money. I think of Chris Nolan as a shining example of somebody who can do something for the love and still succeed at the money game. A lot of people make excuses and say, ‘Ah, well, there’s no room for love here. We have to make money.’ And I love to point to Chris Nolan and say, ‘F*ck you guys. This guy’s making more money than you are, and he’s making beautiful, genuine movies.’”

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains how his Inception director Christopher Nolan can make good films and make good money.

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Britney Spears Not Ready For Control of Her Life

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Britney Spears and her fatherBritney Spears is “unlikely” to regain control of her affairs in the near future.

The 28-year-old singer, whose father Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet were made co-conservators of her personal and professional affairs after her public breakdown in 2008, is due to have a conservatorship status hearing today, but is not expected that the judge will change the ruling.

“Britney won’t be in court for the hearing. It seems highly unlikely that the conservatorship will end by the end of summer. Britney’s just not ready, yet. She has her good days and bad days. Britney has complex issues on a personal and professional level, and that is the reason the conservatorship is still in place,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

The “Piece of Me” singer will only be permitted to regain control of her vast fortune if Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz has enough evidence to justify ending the conservatorship. It had previously been claimed Britney feels “completely out of it” because her father is so controlling.

“She is so out of it she just doesn’t care anymore. She just does what she’s told and is totally in her world. She’ll even call people at all hours of night for a general conversation and acts like it’s the middle of the day or something,” a source said.

NBC Down about $250 Million on Olympics Tally

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2010 Olympics LogoRatings went up for the (which were last broadcast in 2006), but NBC is still down about $250 million.

According to recent estimates, NBC parent General Electric raked in a cool $800 million on the televised event, but after NBC shelled out $820 mill for rights alone, the network is in the red.

Maybe they should have tried to get the Super Bowl away from FOX instead.

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Kate Gosselin Wins Round 1

Kate GosselinEverything that’s been going on thus far was merely a warm-up to the real Jon and Kate Gosselin war, which got underway this week in court. So far, Kate’s ahead thanks to a ruling made by Judge Arthur R. Tilson.

For now, Jon Gosselin has been ordered to return $180,000 of the $235,000 he’s withdrawn from the joint bank account. According to lawyer Mark Momjian, Jon has to pony up the dough by October 26. “As difficult as this has been for me, I am pleased that the court has ruled fairly on behalf of myself and my children,” said Kate.

Let’s just pause for a second and really think about the staggering sum of $235,000, an amount which many Americans don’t earn even two years’ of work. As a matter of fact, the average firefighter/EMT annually in 2003…and they save lives.

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Taylor Swift Spreads the Wealth Around

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Taylor Swift likes being famous because she can buy other people coffee.

The “Love Story” singer insists she loves sharing her good fortune with other people, and particularly loves surprising strangers with her generosity.

“Now I’m in a better position to be a bigger tipper when I’m out at a restaurant. People don’t expect it and you can make their day,” she said. “I like going through a Starbucks drive-through and paying for the person behind, just because it’s nice.”

Despite her fame, the 19-year-old singer insists she is still careful with her money and takes advice from her father on how to invest and save.

“I think it’s crazy as a star that you get free stuff when you can afford it,” Swift explained to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “I don’t spend a lot of money. My dad is a financial advisor and has given me a lot of advice.”

Meanwhile, Taylor insists she has forgiven Kanye West for invading the stage during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards. “I’ve forgiven him as I don’t want to start anything. I’d never met Kanye before, and was a fan,” Taylor claims.

Kanye - who took to the stage to insist Beyonce Knowles should have won - has since apologized for his actions. “That was Taylor’s moment and I had no right in anyway to take it from her. I am truly sorry,” West stated.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Salary on the Rise

American Idol

American Idol’s is currently negotiating his contract, which could come with a pay hike that promotes him to one of the highest-paid hosting gigs in TV. Simon Cowell was the first to ink a deal for the ninth season of the show, with remaining regular cast members still in talks with FOX, Fremantle and 19 Entertainment.

The three companies jointly produce Idol (this helps explain why Idol has three times more promotion and product placement per episode than some shows see in an entire season), and Seacrest is getting further into the fold all the time. Reportedly, the reality TV mogul is working on a new series with 19 Entertainment and American Idol creator Simon Fuller. This could be the which has been Twittered about recently…or, it could be any one of the other umpteen TV gigs Seacrest has in the works. 

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American Idol Gives Simon Cowell a Raise

Simon CowellAccording to the New York Post, judge has been offered at least $100 million to continue with American Idol in the upcoming season - a huge hike from the paltry $34 million he made from the show in 2009.

Idol, by the way, makes around $900 million every year, so the huge raise shouldn’t put too much strain on the reality show. Looks like all Cowell’s talking about leaving the show had an effect - no way is Idol about to let him walk.

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Angie Martinez, Irv Gotti argue over real-cash Monopoly

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See what happens when you have so much money that you can play Monopoly with real cash, but not enough that you can’t do it in a carefree fashion with $3500 is up for grabs? In this video Irv Gotti and Angie Martinez argue amongst friends, with Joe Budden capturing it all on video. Careful though, there’s a lot of salty language in this one. Oh, and a lot of loud, obnoxious Irv as well.

eCurrency Converts for Travelers

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eCurrencyNext time you travel overseas, think about downloading eCurrency. The simple interface supports 34 currencies with rates provided by the European Central Bank. All its functions are on one screen and it has a “shake to inverse calculation” feature. There is also a designated keypad for faster entry and it is compatible with iPod touch and iPhone and with a 2.0 software update. eCurrency is available at the App Store for $1.99.

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Parade: Celebrities Earn 115 Times More Than You

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Parade magazine will soon release a “What People Earn” issue which details the income earned by Hollywood’s elite for the fiscal year of 2008, a year which was extremely rough on the finances of many average Americans.

The issue reports that Jennifer Aniston earned a hefty $27 million, which trumps the paltry $2.25 mill raked in during 2008. Taylor Swift out-earned Brit with $5.5 million, which still pales when compared to Beyonce’s stunning $80 million in earnings.

So who’s the biggest star of them all, the top earner for the year 2008? Is it , Will Smith, Donald Trump? The winner, earning the most in the last calendar year, is Mattel with a whopping $3.3 billion. Barbie - still hot after all these years. Now, that’s star power.

According to the issue, celebrity salaries trump the average American’s yearly earnings by an extreme amount: the stars earn around 115 times more money than you do. Too bad about the recession - Barbie might’ve made it up to 4 billion on the year.

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