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Video: Colin Furze modifies a mobility scooter to hit 70 MPH

There are many things that you can build up and modify to make them go faster. Most people that want to do this sort of thing buy an old Ford or Chevy as their project cars to work on during the summer. Colin Furze isn’t like most people. Rather than focusing on a car, Colin took your average mobility scooter, dropped a 125cc motor into it, and took it out on a snow packed road to hit 70 MPH. Oh and everything on the scooter is stock, with the exception of the motor. It's an awesome project, the results of which you can see in the video above!

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Toyota Prius camper conversion

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prius camper conversion

The Toyota Prius has become an icon in the hybrid world. From celebrities praising the second generation Prius, to Toyota growing a single car into a family of vehicles, the Prius has come a long way. Though, for some, it hasn’t come far enough. The Japanese conversion company Campinn has decided to take the Prius down the Frankenstein route.

The Prius Camper debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon, consisting of one part Toyota Prius hatchback and one part truck camper. Made of fiber-reinforced plastic that extends the car’s length to 196 inches and its height to about 82 inches, it makes the Prius look as if it has a cancerous lump growing on it. The interior amenities are limited to a skylight, a sleeping area up top, and a convertible sofa bed on the bottom. Though I’m not sure how useful and versatile this thing is, people will now have the option of camping in a hybrid. However, the most convenient feature of the Prius camper is its back door, allowing the owner an escape while people laugh at the monstrosity.

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Bleeding Edge TV 179: How To Mod Your iPhone on Windows Using iBrickr

Okay, we know that since released the , you’ve all been wanting to modify it to do your bidding. Over on the OS X side of things, we have iFuntastic, which provides a slick GUI interface for modding your device. New to the Windows side of things is . iBrickr is the Windows application that makes it dead simple to modify your iPhone, add and manage custom ringtones, and install third-party applications. We give you a full tutorial of how it all works in this episode.

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