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Chrissy Teigen Slams Jennifer Lopez’s Entourage

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Music, Rants,

Chrissy Teigen Jennifer Lopez

John Legend's fiancee has lashed out at Jennifer Lopez's uptight security team. Top model Chrissy Teigen claims she was asked to stop watching John perform at the Sound of Change concert in London on Saturday night and leave the side of the stage by the "Dance Agai"' singer's team before Jennifer's "supreme arrival."

The 27-year-old beauty vented her frustration in a furious rant on Twitter, writing, "I won't get into it but Jennifer Lopez' people need to calm the f*** down. I love Jennifer Lopez. But as I am sitting and watching John perform, I don't need her people to lay down the j-lo laws."

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Ford’s creates a fake supermodel in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Mustang ad

Posted by Andrey Malskiy Categories: Misc. Tech, Transportation,

We’re always fan of interesting marketing technics, but this one takes that cake. Ford has unleashed a series of marking campaigns in this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine that feature the sexy Mustang in different colors alongside one beautiful model in a matching swimsuit. The model, Dalena Henriques, never shows her face, but it credited in each ad.

A quick Google search for Dalena Henriques brings up DalenaHenriques.com, no surprise there. The thing is, when you visit the site, every photo in her portfolio features her with the Mustang, with no face revealed. It then becomes obvious--Ford created a fake supermodel (and yes, they credited her as a "supermodel") of their own as an additional means to generate buzz.

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Comic Book Jobs: Checking Out Craigslist

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Conventions, Editorials,

Silver Star by Jack KirbyEveryone already knows my unrequited love for Craigslist job-hunting. Let’s see if I can make you a fan as well:

Los Angeles: I’m thinking this might not happen since Wizard World L.A. is canned. But, someone was looking for a female cosplayer to hand out biz cards promoting their website. You need your own costume, though.

Los Angeles: And speaking a costumes, a costume designer is wanted for graphic novel character. They want to launch at the NY Comic Con in October so start sewing.

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Comic Book Jobs: Checking Out Craigslist

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Independent,

Abiding PerditionIt's time to visit my favorite place that isn't in front of the TV: Craigslist. Let's see who's hiring:

Heroic Publishing in Long Beach, California is looking for an assistant for a couple of days each week.

A female model is needed for a superhero photo shoot "for a comic book project for class."

A live-action comic book movie needs an actor to play the villain. "Any stage fighting, martial arts, and certainly any acting background is preferential but not absolutely necessary."

1821 Comics in Los Angeles is on the hunt for interns. They're doing the Romeo And Juliet: The War graphic novel with Stan Lee.

A "Comic Book Group" based in New York is looking for the full run of comic book freelancers: pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers.

Good luck, job seekers!

[Artwork: Abiding Perdition from 1821 Studios]

Betty White is a Calendar Girl for Animals

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Television, Kind Acts, Photos,

Betty White's 2011 calendarContinuing her path to world domination (one photo shoot at a time!), is now a calendar model.

The 88 year-old actress, whose show Hot in Cleveland was recently awarded a second season, is the star of a 2011 calendar that features various photos of White, including archival and newer ones co-starring shirtless, chiseled men (pictured to the right).

The calendar, priced at $12.99, will go on sale in September and benefit the Morris Animal Foundation, where White serves as a trustee.

We love Betty, but will you shell out $13 to put her on your wall (for the sake of the animals!), or is it just too much?

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Gossip Girl Star Lands Modeling Deal

Taylor Momsen signs model dealFor someone who plays a character who is completely immersed in the world of fashion, it was only a matter of time before Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen would bag a modeling deal for herself.

Of course, it was also no surprise that the 14 year old signed with one of the most lucrative agencies, IMG Models, who employs A-list celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, and Hilary Duff.

No word yet as to the details of the contract, but Taylor did spill some of her own fashion secrets: “I love wearing jeans and T-shirts. That’s like a uniform for me. But at the same time, I love getting dressed up. I don’t follow trends with my everyday fashion. I wear what I feel like. Sometimes it doesn’t match and sometimes that’s okay.”

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Access Hollywood

ANTM’s CariDee English Hospitalized

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Television, Parties,

CariDee EnglishAlthough “dehydration” episodes were so last year, model CariDee English was supposedly hospitalized for that exact same reason just over a week ago.

On May 18, CariDee, the seventh winner of , was partying at MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut when she sought out medical assistance. (Does any else notice how the words partying and dehydration always seem to go together?) According to her rep, English was only briefly hospitalized and is already back to work in Los Angeles.

Now if CariDee had only bothered to watch ANTM this past season, she would have known that it was okay to eat and be a model too!

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Naomi Campbell Visits Ugly Betty

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Comedy, Prime Time, ABC, Gossip,

Naomi CampbellIn the past few months, controversial stars have seen their share of the comedy spotlight.  First, we had on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother.  Then NBC welcomed Paris Hilton on My Name is Earl.  Now it’s ABC’s turn to jump into the action.

For Ugly Betty‘s season finale (airing May 22), the producers will be bringing on troubled supermodel Naomi Campbell.  (Apparently she hasn’t done anything to ban herself from the show’s set.)  Like Victoria Beckham’s cameo last season, Campbell is expected to play some version of herself.  In other words - Amanda better hide the staplers.

And just a reminder, Project Runway fans should make a point of tuning in on May 1.  That’s when Christian Siriano and Nina Garcia are scheduled to make their entrances.

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E! Online

Halle Berry Finally Gives Birth

Gabriel Aubry, Halle BerryUPDATE:  The couple have named their new child Nahla Ariela Aubry.

Watch out Shiloh.  A new baby with an equally impressive set of genes has just arrived.

Actress and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have finally welcomed their first child together.  The daughter was born Sunday morning reportedly at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

This is the first baby for the 41-year-old Oscar winner.  She met Aubrey, 32, back in November 2005 when they worked together on a shoot for Versace.  Berry, who has been married twice before, has openly said that she does not see herself doing it again.

Congratulations to the new parents!

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Katie Price: When Self-Tanners Go Wrong

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Television, Style, Photos,

Katie Price/Jordan

The only thing you really need to know about this photo is that the woman holding the book is the same woman on the cover of the book.

(For the record, that’s Katie Price/Jordan - a model/celebrity from the UK.)