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Audi GSM Phone

Audi/BMW PhoneMarlboro Phone

Now that there are so many phones to choose from, companies are starting to get creative. This Audi GSM phone has a touchscreen 2.0-inch touchscreen with a 260,000 color display. It also features a 1.3mp cam, Bluetooth capability, holds 1GB of memory, and supports MP3s and MP4s. While we were checking this one out, we also found that you can not only get a phone in the shape of a BMW, you can also get a cellie in the shape of a box of Marlboro for your smoking buds. Each of them will set you back $160.00.


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Wireless Riot Discounts Unlocked Phones

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iPhoneWant to give a new unlocked phone for the holidays? Wireless Riot is having an incredible last-minute sale with savings in some cases over 50%. This applies to HTC’s Cavalier, Imate, LG’s Chocolate Platinum, Motorola’s KRZR and PEBL, Nokia, RIM’s Blackberry, Samsung Armani, and Sony Ericsson phones, as well as the iPhone, which has a last minute sale price of $548.99, a 25% savings. Use the code “HIELO2007” for an extra discount at checkout. (We like to share.)

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Vibracelet Alerts You to Phone Calls

VibraceletWe all have a tendency to leave our cell phones in the wrong room or lose them for a time in the car seat or couch, so we think this simple idea may help. LM Technologies’ Vibracelet receives a V 1.1, 1.2, or 2.0. Bluetooth signal from your phone to let you know you have a call. With a user friendly interface, it can be set up in only a few minutes. Recharging takes about 3 hours and it features about 100 hours of standby time. Although they do not expect availability until early next year, it will carry a MSRP of £29.99 (~$61.00.) We only wish it included GPS to help us find the phone.

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Sharp To Release Better LCD for Phones

Sharp LCDSharp has taken the same technology they use on their AQUOS TVs and will begin selling it for ASV LCDs on cell phones. Featuring a 1Seg tuner, it has the more than decent contrast ratio of 2000:1 on only 2.2-inches of display. The QVGA resolution is contained in a thin .68mm thickness. While we realize this might hike up the price of a mobile phone, it is nice to see the technology being applied to other uses. Contact Sharp for further information and availability.

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Sprint Launches Sprint Movies

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Sprint MoviesYou won’t have to spend your break time at the water cooler any longer. Sprint is now offering Sprint Movies, the first pay-per-view service of full-length movies for mobile phones in the U.S. More than 45 titles are offered at this time, including flicks such as “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”  and “The Village”, from Buena Vista, Sony, Lion’s Gate, and Universal. Each title can be viewed for 24 hours to 1 week (depending on the title.) Two additional 24 hour extensions are available for $.99 each.

Sprint Movies is being powered by mSpot, who is handling the video production as well as operations. In December, Sprint started carrying mSpot at a monthly subscription rate, but will now offer their service for $3.99 - $5.99 per movie. All of their titles will be edited to TV-14. God Bless America.

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