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miVDOFX DV Cam: A YouTube Lover’s Dream

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Cameras, Toys,

miVDOFX DV CamMonths back we told you about the miJam Mini Keys, which hooks up to your , and allows you to add assorted beats and sounds to your MP3s. The same company has now introed the miVDOFX DV Cam,  which not only shoots video, but lets you edit them and incorporate up to 18 special effects on the spot, no computer required. Plus, you can even connect it to an MP3 player/iPod while filming to add a soundtrack to your masterpiece. Oh, and it takes still photos, too. The multi-tasking cam has a 1.5” color screen, a speaker and mic, up to 4X zoom, and an SD card slot (up to 2GB). Perfect for the YouTube auteur. No word yet on pricing on availability, so stay tuned…

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