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Shuttle X27 Mini-Desktop

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Shuttle X27The Shuttle X27 Netbook is mini in price and size. Featuring an Intel Atom processor and Linux, the desktop comes without monitor, keyboard or mouse, but how can you pass up its $189.00 price tag? Available sometime this month, this can be just the ticket for a student rushing off to college, that second ‘puter for Mom/Dad, or those who like to check their email in the bathroom. We were just kidding about that last bit, or were we?

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Shuttle KPC 4800

KPC 4800

Dell isn’t the only one with a mini-desktop. Shuttle’s KPC 4800 has an optical drive and runs Foresight Linux, with an option for Windows Vista. It features dual-monitor support and you can sync your cellie, play tunes from your MP3 Player, organize your photos, use included office application, or go Bluetooth. You can also expand from the standard 512MB of memory to 2GB or add another hard drive. Note that with the inexpensive price starting at ~$99.99, you are on your own when it comes to peripherals.


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Dell Studio Hybrid

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Dell Studio Hybrid

Dell has a new mini-desktop they call the Studio Hybrid. At a size of 72 x 211 x 197mm and a weight of 1.8kg, it can stand vertically or horizontally. The PC features an Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 processor, Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium, 4GB RAM and 320GB HDD. The eco-friendly Studio has five USB and HDMI/DVI ports and can handle WiFi. Available in 7 colors, look for a $499.00 price.


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