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Rumors of a Nintendo Wii Microphone

Posted by Lolita Beckwith Categories: Accessories, Rumors, Video Games,

Harry Potter Wii-MicAnother day, another Nintendo Wii innovation. We recently reported on the Wii’s upcoming online multiplayer capability starting in June. Now comes a practically-confirmed rumor that a “Wii-mic” will be arriving, in conjunction with the release of a groan-inducing

karaoke-style “High School Musical” game, as well as EA’s upcoming “Harry Potter” game—in which you’ll wave the Wii-mic like a wand and cast spells with the mic! Love it. Look for an official confirmation from Nintendo soon.

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Shure Introduces E500PTH Sound-Isolating Earphones

ShureE500PTHShure has finally released their E500PTH sound-isolating earphones. These earphones actually consist of 3 speakers in each ear. Both ergonomically designed and lightweight, the triple Hi-Definition Drivers, one tweeter and two woofers, claim richer highs and lows with sound isolating sleeves that block over 90% of ambient noise.

The included Push-To-Hear control activates a VoicePort microphone that lets you carry on your conversation without removal. Two cables, 9” and 3’, allow the E500PTH to be utilized both at home and beyond. With a price of $499.00, it might be a good idea to test them at your local retailers or try the online demo on Shure’s site. An accessories kit with 1/4” adapter, level attenuator, and carrying case is also available.

These earphones were actually road-tested by professional musicians. What better test could there be than allowing aurally-challenged heavy metal performers to try them?

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