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AOTOMO Automatic Mahjong Table

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Misc. Tech,

AOTOMOWe thought it was cool enough to have a machine that shuffles cards, but when we saw this AOTOMO Automatic Mahjong Table we thought it had to be a prototype. Not so. Utilizing electricity, light, and magnetism,  and controlled by microcomputer programming, the table automatically shuffles and deals tiles. The company claims that the 95x95x75cm gadget is noiseless. It comes in red, black, or silver, and is made of either plastic or wood. One of us learned how to play mahjong as a kid by our grandmother, and until they make a machine that can kibitz along with shuffling, we think we will pass.

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AquaMaker Makes Potable Water From the Air

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech, Science,

AquaMakerWe bet the inhabitants of Herbert’s Dune would have coveted the AquaMaker AM10. It can make up to 36 liters of potable water from air moisture in 38 hours. It has a digital display microcomputer with an easily readable screen, electronic sensors to keep it running properly and remind its owner about needed maintenance and any performance problems. It also features an air filter to keep out dust, odors, mold, and bacteria, a timer, an easily replaceable filter pack, and an auto-defroster. After processing, it will return clean air back into the environment. We wonder if the recent scarcity of water in some parts of the South, as well as other places on the planet,  could benefit from the AquaMaker and hope that their governments will take the hint and invest in some of them.

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