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Weekend Reading: Star Wars, Gerry Conway, Bloodhound, & Mickey Mouse

Star Wars ScoundrelsThe internets are abuzz with all sorts of great stuff this week. Let's take a look.

Gerry Conway is one of my favorite writers. I love his Marvel work on Spider-Man and countless others, his Atari Force for DC is an unsung gem, and, more importantly, I think his work as a writer-producer on Law & Order: Criminal Intent gave that show its best episodes. This project with him looks very interesting.

Great news. An old DC book that slipped under the radar is getting collected by Dark Horse. It’s Dan Jolley’s (and Leonard Kirk’s and Robin Riggs&rsquo😉 Bloodhound. Here’s a solid interview with Dan at Robot 6.

Mickey Mouse tries to kill himself, in 1930.

A Star Wars novel as caper with Han, Chewy and Lando? Here’s a very favorable review from Randy Johnson of Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn.

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Weekend Reading: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Doctor Strange, Alan Moore and Ward Kimball

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season is fast approaching, yet every day is a holiday on the internets.

If you were going to cast the Doctor Strange movie, and want to argue about it, you could do that at Longbox Graveyard where Paul O’Connor, Chris Ulm and I layout a scenario.

JT Lindroos at Bookgasm looks at a chunk of UK graphic novels to add to your holiday shopping list: Tank Girl, Rogue Trooper, and Torpedo.

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Weekend Reading: Joe Casey, Thor, Dr. Spektor and Drew Friedman

Superman ChristmasThe War on Christmas is nearly done for another year, and there’s just enough time left for the War on New Year’s. Let's see what you should be reading this week:

Joe: This is simply a great, honest and open interview with Joe Casey, comic book writer/creator and co-creator of Ben 10. Perfect holiday reading from interviewer Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter.

Thor: So there’s some controversy from an all-white group that’s upset that Marvel has cast an actor of color to play a Norse God in Thor. Ricky Sprague at Project Child Murdering Robot has a thought or two.

Polly: Animator Michael Sporn is happy that Dean Mullaney’s new book has arrived (as am I). Polly and Her Pals: the Complete Sunday Comics 1925-1927 comes from Dean’s The Library of American Comics via IDW.

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Weekend Reading: Comic Con International, iPads, and Zeroids

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ZeroidsWelcome to the first post-San Diego version of Weekend Reading. I’m not linking to any convention reports because, well, other people do a much better job of tracking them all down. However, I will link to this. Mark Evanier does a much better job than I ever could of explaining how the Hollywood invasion of Comic Con International is not only necessary but welcome.

Spurgeon V. Field: There are many reasons why Tom Spurgeon won the Eisner this year at San Diego. This is one of the reasons why he should win it next year, too.

iPad: If you’re thinking of getting one, Beau Smith can make that decision easier for you.

Up, Up, And Away He Goes: James Bond and Superman screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz has passed away. Says The Guardian‘s classy obit: “In 1977 the director Richard Donner recruited Mankiewicz to work on the script of Superman, for which he received the credit of creative consultant, a fancy name for script doctor.”

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Mocked Celebrities Seek Revenge on South Park’s 200th

You knew it was only a matter of time before ‘s victims banded together to seek revenge, but did you ever guess that they would do it—in an actual episode of the show?

Next week, “every celebrity the town of South Park has ever pissed off” will unite for a class action lawsuit. In the clip above, Tom Cruise, Rob Reiner, Mel Gibson, Oprah Winfrey, Mickey Mouse, Bono and “gay fish” Kanye West are among the faces that can be seen during the announcement.

The show’s 200th episode airs Wednesday night on Comedy Central.

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Mickey Glove USB Flash Drive

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Mickey Glove DriveLooking for stocking stuffers? Imagine the glee when your kid/parent finds a Mickey Mouse Glove sticking out of the top. Even better, it is attached to a Flash Drive. A-Data’s T807 is USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible and is made of waterproof rubber. The drive’s removable end can be tucked into the cap so you won’t lose it and it supports Windows, Mac and Linux. At a size of 58 x 66 x 18mm, choose between 2G for $22.00, 4G for $31.00 and 8G for $48.00 and attach to your cellie, backpack or laptop.

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The Mickey Mouse Mouse

Mickey Mouse Mouse

We’re wondering if Mickey Mouse is secretly jealous of Remy, the rodent-of-the-moment and star of Pixar’s smash hit “Ratatouille”. Why? Because maybe Mick feels the need to up his profile, hence the sudden glut of Mickey Mouse gadgets, including an MP3 player, USB wrist band and now— optical mouse. The peripheral not only contains a removeable toy Mickey, but features LED lights for that extra pizazz. We think it’s time Disney make a computer-animated movie starring our old friend, before his attention-seeking antics reach Britney-like proportions.


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iRiver’s New MP3 Player More Than a Mickey Mouse Operation

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iRiver Mickey Mouse PlayerSome titles just write themselves, don’t they? Disney fans—in Korea, anyway—can rejoice, as and the Mouse House collaborated to build a Mickey Mouse MP3 player. Mickey’s ears control volume and song selection, and the device supports MP3, WMA and ASF music formats, with 1GB memory. However, the player does not have a display, much like the iPod Shuffle. Currently, the player is available in Korea only, selling for about $60. It is not know whether the player will reach US shores.

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Disney’s Digital Camera Adds Character to Photos

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Disney Pix Max

Leave it to Disney to make digital photography even more fun and kid-friendly. With the Disney Pix Max, a 3.0 MP camera from Digital Blue, kids can superimpose their favorite Disney character onto the picture they’re about to snap. Just press a button and voila! Mickey Mouse appears in the viewfinder and can be posed anywhere within the frame. The $80 camera contains 32 MB of internal storage, but in case your budding Ansel Adams needs more space, there’s a slot for SD and MMC memory cards. The camera requires 2 AA batteries (none of these are included). An editing package complete with Disney clip art is included.

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