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iPad comes to nine more countries this Friday

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Corporate News, Handhelds

iPad new york times

has just informed the world that the is set to launch in nine additional countries this Friday. We don’t have any solid numbers yet as far as pricing in these territories goes, however, on July 23rd you’ll be able to buy Apple’s tablet device in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, and Singapore. Don’t fret if your country has been left off the list, as Apple has also promised that “many more countries” will get the iPad before 2010 ends.


Gus Arriola and Gordo

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials

Gus ArriolaI never got to read Gordo when it was syndicated - it never ran in any papers in my area when I was a kid. It was always a strip that I read about, instead of actually reading. That changed as I got older and got to read longer runs of of it. It deserves all the praise it gets for its gentle humor and its brilliant design. You can read comics on the all day long, but it’s one panel at a time. To appreciate the craftsmanship of a Gordo strip, you need to take in the whole thing. The guy was just great, and he deserved a much wider audience and he deserves to be read and experienced still today. With comics in this Golden Age period of archival reprint heaven - c’mon, even Gasoline Alley is getting collected - Gordo should be right there with everyone else. (I’m looking at you, Dean Mullaney)!

Continuing my series on cartooning and cartoonists, Gus wrote about himself and his work back in 1964. This is pulled from an oversized saddle-stitched magazine from Allied Publications with the creatively-challenged title These Top Cartoonists Tell How They Create America’s Favorite Comics. It featured an introduction by Beetle Bailey’s Mort Walker and was compiled by Allen Willette.

Here’s Gus on Gus and Gordo:

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Mexico Allows Sales With Cell Phone

Mexican Cabs

Want some Taco McNuggets and a cab ride but don’t have the cash? If you live in Mexico, you will soon be able to pay with your cell phone. Users link to their bank, then send the text message “Robert Rodriguez” to take care of the tab. Telefonica SA and Iusacell are getting together with banks to begin the service. While the practice of buying train tickets or items from vending machines with a cellie is already available in Japan, it seems that the U.S. has yet to get with the program (hint, hint.)

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