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VIDEO: Jeremy Piven’s Mercury Excuse Still Stinks

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If Ari Gold were Jeremy Piven’s agent, I have a feeling he might advise his client to leave his elaborate mercury poisoning stories in the past. Unfortunately, Ari’s not…and Jeremy won’t.

On last night’s Late Show broadcast, the Entourage star - once again - set out to clear his name. Unfortunately, he talked about this thing that “sounds like a rich man’s disease” for nearly 5 awkward minutes. Uggh - move on already and bring me back some crazy Anne Heche!

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Sharp Adjustable LED Bulbs

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Household, Misc. Tech,

Sharp LEDSharp has released DL-L60AV LED bulbs that are energy efficient, have a long service life and have no mercury. They screw in like ordinary incandescent lamps and feature an adjustable color function that allows users to alter the white light to seven different shades. It also has a built-in dimmer for brightness adjustment. Available in Japan for now, it comes with remote. While the upfront price may be more than an ordinary bulb, Sharp says that they can run for 11 hours at a cost of only 1 Yen (~$.01) and has a service life of about 40,000 hours.

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Some Digital Photo Frames Carry Viruses

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Mercury KeychainsIt turns out that digital photo frames are more susceptible than ever to viruses. If you bought or received a Mercury 1.5-inch keychain from Walmart or other retail stores, you could be at risk. Amazon emailed a warning to owners about Samsung’s SPF-85H 8-inch frame which was infected as well on its installation disc. Last year, the trojan Mocmex was found in some items from retailers like Best Buy, Costco and Target. If you are worried that you may have one, contact the store your frame came from or the manufacturer.

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Jeremy Piven Blames Sushi for Broadway Cancellation

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Jeremy PivenSome celebrities blame vertigo for their absences, others chalk it up to simple “exhaustion.” But up until now, I doubt anyone has pleaded guilty to an overconsumption of sushi.

After missing several performances of Speed-the-Plow earlier this week (that’s the same play Madonna once starred in), Entourage star has abruptly left the Broadway production. A high level of mercury is apparently the reason for the Piven’s medical leave.

A twice-a-day sushi meal and a regular intake of Chinese herbs are believed to be the factors behind Jeremy’s illness. A high level of mercury can apparently lead to cause cardiac arrest, kidney failure, even psychiatric problems

After hearing skeptical comments about Jeremy’s excuse (playwright David Mamet joked that his Piven was “leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer”😉, the actor’s physician came to his defense. According to Dr. Carlon Colker, the 43-year-old had been feeling ill for some time. When Colker discovered that Piven had a mercury level “almost six times the upper limit of normal and allowable,” he warned the producers back on December 10.

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HealthyToys Chemical Consumer Guide

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chemicalsLeapster 2

Worried about those toxic toys? HealthyToys has a database of more than 1,500 of them that were tested for chemicals. They include lead, mercury and PVC. The organization found lead in some that came from China as well as several manufactured in the U.S. This is the second year that the organization has created its consumer guide. We suggest you head over there before you hit your local dollar store or discount retailer. And if you are out shopping, you can SMS text 41411 with the toy name and HealthyToys will let you know the chemical levels.

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CES 2008 Video: Microsoft SYNC Car Recognition

We learned all about Sync at , and have lots to share. Sync is integrated software that’s factory-installed in certain Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars. It allows you to control your cell phone and music player via voice recognition. Once your cell phone is “synced” with the software and your contacts are transferred, just press the button on the steering wheel and speak your command, such as “Call Mom.” Mom is immediately dialed, and you can talk to her without ever touching your phone. What’s also cool is that you can control your entire music library via voice as well, just by saying the name of the artist, song, album or even playlist. Just sync up your (except the Shuffle), , MP3 player or even a thumb drive, and you’re good to go.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution for Wii - A “Steel”?

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Mercury Meltdown Wii CoverartExcuse the bad pun at the top, but if Amazon’s price listing is correct, Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wii may be a bargain… as the good folks over at GoNintendo noted, the currently listed price for the Wii game (which garnered an 8.5 for the PSP version at IGN) is $19.99. Add to that the fact that most hands-on reports of the game love the addition of tilt-controls, and it’s looking like you’ve got a new no-brainer buy for the Wii.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution is slated to launch around May 1st, and will feature some graphical and gameplay upgrades to the PS2/PSP version, including 480p/widescreen support and added levels.

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