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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Knomo Saxby Business Tote

Knomo Saxby laptop bag

We've given a bunch of gadget recommendations in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, and now it's time we mention a fantastic bag to carry them all. This year we recommend the Knomo Saxby Business Tote. We've been using it over the past few months, and it's fantastic. The Saxby has a bunch of pockets, allowing you to appropriately separate things like your iPad from your notebook, and having neither of them come in contact with your keys or pens, thanks to its 4 exterior pockets, 2 interior pouch pockets, 1 interior zip pocket, and 1 interior padded laptop pocket. The size is great, and the look is really classy too (we went with the shiny navy, but you can also get it in matte black, gray, and slate.) Knomo makes high-quality, well-made bags, and this is as fine a laptop bag as you'll find. You can pick up the Knomo Saxby on Amazon starting at $119.99.

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Best Dressed Aaron Johnson

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Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson has been named the best dressed man in showbiz. The Kick-Ass actor beat fashion stalwarts including David Beckham and Tom Ford to the top spot of the GQ annual Best Dressed list of 2010, and removed Twilight star Robert Pattinson from the number one spot.

British actor Douglas Booth, who has appeared in campaigns for luxury fashion house Burberry, came second in the list, while A Single Man star Nicholas Hoult was third. David and Victoria Beckham's eight-year-old son Romeo was among the notable new entries on the list, coming in at 26, just 10 places behind his father.

Prince William came in at 27 and was hailed by rapper Pharrell Williams for his unique look: "I like it when Prince William goes dandy. He's got all the proper wardrobe when they do the hunting thing. They kill that!"

"Prince William is following in his father's footsteps as a great ambassador for British style," GQ added. However, he was eclipsed by his brother Prince Harry who was a new entry at five. Other inclusions in this year's list include Doctor Who star Matt Smith, Sir Elton John and Simon Cowell.

Stella McCartney Launches Menswear Range

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Stella McCartney Menswear for Addidas has launched her first men’s lifestyle collection.

The British designer, who is the visionary behind the Great Britain kit for the 2012 Olympic Games, is celebrating her new role by unveiling three sports-inspired collections, which cater for both men and women.

“This is the first lifestyle-inspired collection and apart from bespoke tailoring, it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything for men. It’s interesting to be able to work on both men’s and women’s looks in a more casual sporting arena, and to have a kind of easiness to them that appeals to people but still has a sort of edge, an element of the language of the Olympic games and Team GB.”

The new menswear collection will celebrate the Best of British and is to feature T-shirts, track pants and hooded sweatshirts in the designer’s signature clean-cut style. Meanwhile, the women’s line will “focus on the art of layering,” with tank tops and capes among the pieces on offer.

VIDEO: Martin Scorcese Directs Chanel Ad

You know that a fashion house has staying power when it can enlist the directorial skills of an Oscar winner like . Such was the case with Chanel, who hired Scorcese to direct a commercial for its men’s fragrance, Bleu de Chanel.

While the French actor Gaspard Ulliel captivates most of my attention, I can’t help but compare it to David Lynch’s gig for Dior. With Lynch, at least you still saw his signature touch in the video. Scorcese’s, while much shorter in length, looked more like the typical run-of-the-mill fragrance spot. Even Frank Miller made an interesting take on Gucci’s perfume!

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Dolce & Gabbana Design Soccer Suits

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Stefano Gabbana and Domenico DolceAs if athletes don’t receive enough perks: have designed a range of suits for English soccer team Chelsea FC.

The Italian designers have signed a three-year deal with the club, meaning players such as John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole will be dressed in exclusive three-piece suits created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The blue suits are teamed with dark blue shirts, and a matching tie, while casual clothes including blue denim jeans have also been gifted.

In addition to the players receiving suits, managers, coaches and other male staff at the club will also get formal outfits. “Dolce & Gabbana are top class designers, everybody knows them world-wide and it’s beneficial for the club that we have a brand on the same level as we are,” said soccer player Daniel Sturridge.

Women working for the club will receive a pair of black high heels and a matching-coloured trench coat. Domenico and Stefano - who dress the likes of , Kylie Minogue and Madonna - will also redesign Chelsea’s director’s lounge and the club’s main reception area. Players will also receive a trolley case designed by the duo.

David Beckham to Design For Victoria

David Beckham and Victoria BeckhamFootball

Soccer star is reportedly planning to design for his wife’s clothing line.

Fashion designer is said to have convinced her soccer star spouse to create a collection of men’s suits and evening wear and he is now working on an Fall/Winter 2011 series of garment after giving in to months of requests from the singer-turned-fashion designer.

“Victoria has been trying to persuade him to do it for a while and he’s finally succumbed. She’s reassured him that he has an eye for fashion,” said a source.

Victoria, 36, is delighted with her 35-year-old husband’s efforts so far. “David is hoping to produce a range of men’s couture clothing of fitted suits, smart day wear and an evening range - and Victoria thinks it will go down a storm,” the source added.

Though this is David’s first time working with Victoria, the former Spice Girls star has previously spoken of the enthusiasm Romeo, her seven-year-old son, has for her career: “The other boys are all about going to the beach; he’s not interested. He’s like, ‘I want to go to work with mummy,’ and he sits there going through the collection, feeling the fabrics, giving his opinion. He loves it.”

Orlando Bloom Fronts Hugo Boss

Orlando BloomLooks like isn’t the only supermodel in her relationship: Orlando Bloom is the newest celebrity face for Hugo Boss.

The actor will front the campaign for the company’s latest men’s fragrance Orange and Orlando is excited about his new role: “Boss Orange is a brand I immediately identified with because it has a laid-back, spontaneous quality I relate to.”

Sienna Miller is the face of the women’s version of the scent, which was launched last year and has become a huge success.

This is not Orlando’s first foray into modeling. In 2007, he appeared on late-night Japanese TV to promote the Uno brand of cosmetics maker Shiseido, with a two-minute Sci-Fi themed commercial to start the product’s marketing campaign.

Tom Cruise Wants Katie to Design Menswear

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at Knight and Day premiereTom Cruise wants his wife to design a menswear range.

The former Dawson’s Creek actress launched her debut fashion collection Holmes & Yang - which was co-designed by her stylist and friend Jeanne Yang - two years ago and while it has been successful among women, Katie’s superstar husband is keen for the duo to branch out.

“The husbands always hang out at our meetings. They say, ‘When are you guys going to do the men’s collection?’”

As well as having a husband who wants some clothes designed for him, Katie also revealed Holmes & Yang are creating matching outfits for mothers and daughters to wear together. The 31-year-old beauty - who has a four-year-old daughter Suri with Tom - said, “They love matching mom. And it’s a limited time during which they really want to.”

Katie says she and Jeanne came up with the idea to do a clothing range as they wanted women to have wardrobes staple-based with uniforms for everyday wear: “We want to create pieces a woman can wear over and over, and people won’t necessarily say, ‘Oh, you wore that last week.’”

Alec Baldwin Thinks About Plastic Surgery, Too

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Alec Baldwin shares the Holiday EW cover with Meryl StreepWhile it’s obvious that women of all ages—no matter how gorgeous—talk plastic surgery, actor Alec Baldwin doesn’t quite rule out the trend nor fear his age, either.

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t do something! I intend to do something. I probably will. Let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t rule it out because… You don’t think I wake up every day and wish I looked like this and this and this? But I can’t let that bother me.”

Considering he’s 51 and hasn’t gone under the knife just yet (at least, that we know of…), I would say that he’s doing pretty well on his own. Granted, he’s no Robert Pattinson, but the guy has aged better than some of his fellow peers (Mickey Rourke, anyone?).

And hey, he’s got some assets he still admires! “I have a great ass, if I may say so. That’s a part of my body that needs no surgical enhancement or rearranging.”

Baldwin’s female It’s Complicated co-star, Meryl Streep, has a different opinion on cosmetic enhancements: “Well, if you’ve ever even contemplated that stuff and looked at what can go wrong in any of those magazines, it’s terrifying! Every part of your life is chronicled, [so] if something mysteriously looks better, [everyone will notice].”

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Marvel Comics Review: Web of Spider-Man #1

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Webof1Rating: *** 1/2

I began collecting comics in the mid-80s.  I remember that my first issue of Uncanny X-Men was #188 and that my first issue of the Avengers was #250.  My first Spider-Man comic was Amazing Spider-Man #264, but I also received around that time, the premiere issue of the new monthly Spider-Man comic book, Web of Spider-Man.  This all took place during the hype of Spider-Man’s black costume which was featured prominently in this first issue.  The suit was a symbiote, meaning that it was alive and it wanted to fully take over Peter Parker.  In this issue, Peter fights back and we see the famous bell ringing scene that had Peter ripping the costume off of himself.  An homage was made in Spider-Man 3.

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