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Sony’s Ridiculous 2TB Memory Stick XC

Posted by Mark Rollins Categories: Storage,

Sony 2TB Memory Stick

is getting ready to drop the 2TB Memory Stick XC. Since the XC maintains the same form factor as other Memory Sticks, we are going to guess that these will end up being backwards-compatible with the rest of the XC line. Considering that SD cards are struggling to get to 64GB, this 2TB feat is pretty incredible. According to Sony, the XC range will use the exFAT file storage system, which is far and away better than the antiquated FAT12/16/32. Of course, this will all come at a price, because it is a proprietary Sony item, after all. Those details haven’t been announced yet, but let’s just say that we think it will be a while before the average photographer has one of these in their camera.

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