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AtoD Battery - Form Fitting Rechargeable Concept

AtoD Battery

For those who have been clamoring, nay, shouting for rechargeable batteries to be made more user-friendly and versatile, your day is close at hand.  Enter the AtoD Battery, a brand new memory-foam encased Nickel Hydroxide Rechargeable.  At 1.5 Volts it packs the same power as a AA, but with one substantial difference: its memory-foam casing allows you to shape it to match any size battery from AAA to D.  The starting size is that of a standard D battery, so while it may prove versatile it does present one small drawback: lag time in re-inflation.  Just make sure that you have the size right before you impress your friends by smashing a battery with your bare hands only to discover that your their Wii remotes take AA’s and not AAA’s. 

No release date has been named as of yet, but you can expect plenty of memory-foam laced witticisms from your local newscast (“Remember Memory-foam?”, etc.) when it is.  If nothing else, this may portend the re-introduction of ‘D-Battery Night’ at your local ballpark - not even Phillies fans could turn these into weapons.

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The Tom Bihn Brain Cell - now better with memory foam

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Tom Bihn brain cell memory foamWe have written about Tom Bihn’s ultra-protective Brain Cell before, and were pleased to see this morning that the Brain Cell line has been updated with a memory foam lining which adds even more protection to the precious laptops they are designed to protect. The new strip of memory foam is nestled into the bottom of the Brain Cell - it’s the white layer shown in the picture to the right.

Memory foam plus the regular foam they use is better because it absorbs more energy due to its slower recovery than regular foam. The strip of memory foam at the bottom of the Brain Cell is an extra step and an extra layer of protection: should the case be dropped, the bottom of the foam sling will push into the memory foam instead of just air. If you have an expensive laptop and don’t have a case for it head over to ‘s website to pick up this $60 wonder bag to keep your laptop safe and sound from life’s little bumps and bruises.

Oh, and if you want to see how the bags are made, check out our Tom Bihn video tour.

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