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Michael Jackson Memorial Coming to Hall of Fame Museum

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Michael JacksonAn entire garden dedicated to will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the National Museum of Dance. The permanent garden display will be completed in August.

The garden was inspired by a Michael Jackson fan group, which called the museum to inform curators that a very large floral shipment would arrive on the day Jackson is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Using the gift as their inspiration, museum officials and a local florist have decided to create a permanent floral display in honor of the King of Pop. The fan club will pick up the tab for the project.

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Memorial Planned for Gary Coleman

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DescriptionUPDATE: Coleman funeral will not happen this weekend after all. Gary’s estranged parents are fighting over the actor’s remains.

Very little has been decided about the memorial service for the - but, on the positive side, a city and a weekend have been pinned down for the event.

Coleman’s service will held on either Saturday (June 5) or Sunday (June 6) in Salt Lake City, but there’s no word yet on whether or not it will be open to the public.

Gary’s estranged parents plan to attend the event one way or the other.

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No Public Memorial for Corey Haim

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UPDATE: According to the coroner, Corey Haim died as result of natural causes.

Judy Haim has put a halt to Corey Feldman’s plans to hold a public memorial for her deceased son Corey Haim. The 80s-era teen icon early in the morning of March 10, 2010.

Corey Haim’s family held a private service for the late actor on March 16. At that time, BFF Corey Feldman that he would be holding a more public memorial to celebrate Haim, to which the media and fans would be openly invited. Now, it seems that event will never come to pass.

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Corey Feldman to Host Public Memorial for Corey Haim

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UPDATE: According to the coroner, Corey Haim died as result of natural causes.

“Due to their strong religious beliefs, and need for privacy, the family has decided to make Corey’s [Haim] funeral on Tuesday a small, private affair,” Corey Feldman offered this statement to the media today. “I will remain in Los Angeles quietly mourning,” he said of his own plans. “As a sign of respect, I am asking the media to honor by making the same choice.”

The public will get their chance to bid the star goodbye, Hollywood-style. Feldman plans to prepare a second memorial service for his friend. “At that time, the media will be invited to honor and celebrate the legacy [Corey Haim] has left behind, along with friends, fans, and the rest of the Hollywood community.”

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Brittany Murphy Funeral Scheduled for Christmas Eve

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Brittany MurphyLate actress Brittany Murphy will be laid to rest in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park on December 24. Her body is already on the premises in anticipation of the event, which will take place .

The service is “strictly private” and security guards will be on hand for the event. No plans regarding a more public memorial service have been released.

“I’m very upset by it,” explained Murpy’s father Angelo Bertolotti. “I can’t believe it really,” he said of his daughter’s untimely death. Bertolotti has never met Brittany’s and had not spoken to his daughter in more than a year.

“I don’t want to see her that way,” he said of his decision not to attend his daughter’s burial service. “She was flawless to me.”

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Television Coverage of Jackson’s Star-Studded Memorial

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Staples Center

UPDATE: CBS and NBC have now decided to jump on the live coverage bandwagon.

Not a winner in the Michael Jackson memorial lottery? Not a problem. You can still get a front row viewing while sparing yourself the cost of a flight.

Although 17,500 get the chance to be in either the Staples Center or the Nokia Theater, free television coverage will allow everyone an opportunity to witness the events as they unfold.

According to a release from the Jackson family, participants at Tuesday’s memorial include Kobe Bryant, , Berry Gordy, Jennifer Hudson, Shaheen Jafargholi (finalist on Britain’s Got Talent), Magic Johnson, Martin Luther King III, Bernice A. King, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Brooke Shields, Usher and Stevie Wonder.

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Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets Offered Via Lottery

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Staples Center

Those hoping to attend ‘s memorial have approximately 24 hours to place their names in the hat.

Next Tuesday, the King of Pop will be honored publicly in Los Angeles. The ceremony - which will be available for free broadcast worldwide - will take place at 10:00 AM.

Although the Staples Center is a 20,000 seat arena, only 11,000 will be given entrance into the facility. Another 6,500 will get the chance to watch a simulcast at the neighboring Nokia Theater.

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Vietnam Memorial Goes Online

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Vietnam Memorial Search

Once again, we are touched by what the Internet can do. If you never made it to Washington D.C. to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, there is now a free interactive version that debuted this week. Assembled from 6,301 images, Footnote and the National Archives and Records Administration have teamed to create the virtual piece that holds over 58,000 American casualties. You can search it by name, hometown, enlistment type, or service. You can then trace links to the vet’s service record, add photos, and post comments. Be patient, as the site says that loading will be slow due to high traffic.


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