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Bleeding Edge TV 153: VeriSign Intelligent CDN Technology

VeriSign is throwing down the content delivery gauntlet with their Intelligent CDN technology. We are talking about full high definition video content streamed directly to your television at very high speeds. They show off a 200 MB file that is encoded at 5 mbps 1080p, which downloads completely in under 30 seconds. This is the kind of technology we hope to see on our set top boxes in the near future, and VeriSign is promising that it isn’t far away at all. Give it a view, and let us know what you think. Could both and be dead in the water with tech like this soon to be available everywhere?


Researcher: Studies Lack Strong Evidence Linking Video Games, Aggressive Behavior

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Culture

GTA The GamePolitics blog has received excerpts from a new meta-analysis of the various studies attempting to link video game play with aggressive behavior. The study’s researcher, Christopher Ferguson has dissected 25 recent studies on video game violence and found that in general, while video game playing increased aggressive thoughts support for a link between game play and actual behavior was limited. Overall, those studies that employed better standards for measuring aggression showed lesser effects from video game play. Ferguson also found that publication bias played a large role in the studies; studies that showed stronger links seemed to be favored over those that did not.

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Bleeding Edge TV 126: Neuros OSD Interview

We stopped by the Neuros room at CES and spoke with Joe Born about the Neuros OSD. This is the open source, Linux-based media center device that is starting to pick up and is generating a strong community of developers looking to use it to create the best media center device out there. It will be hitting the market soon, and based on what we saw, we think this one will be a viable alternative to some of the more stagnant media receivers out there. Check the video to find out why.

Xbox Live Video Marketplace to Make About $100 Million

Description If estimates from Emerging Media Dynamics are correct, Microsoft could end up with a nice chunk of change in its pocket thanks to the recently unveiled Xbox Live Video Marketplace. The firm estimates that by 2011, Microsoft could make as much as $726 million via downloadable movie and video content, with about $92 million of that being made this year.

With all those videos being downloaded, Microsoft had better come out with a larger add-on harddrive soon. Something tells me that all that media isn’t going to fit on the piddly 20 GB drives that current 360 owners are using.

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World’s Thinnest DVD Discs

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World's Thinnest DVD

Using an innovative nanoimprint technology, Hitachi Maxell, LTD have succeeded in creating the world’s thinnest DVD media at 0.092mm thick.  This makes the new disc approximately 1/13th the thickness of existing DVD media, yet allows it to retain the full 4.7GB capacity.  Obviously a single disc isn’t going to gain you any benefits simply by being thinner, but if you were to take a stack of say 100-discs, make them double-sided (9.4GB), stuff them into a cartridge 2.5-inches thick, and slap a fancy acronym like SVOD on it, you’d have a digital library cartidge with almost 1TB of capacity (940


GB).  SVOD, which stands for Stacked Volumetric Optical Disc, really starts to shine when coupled with the next generation of blue laser technology, as a stack of 50GB discs could increase storage capacity to 5TB.

When released the discs will be priced at under $325 for a 100-disc cartridge.

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