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Timepiece Disguised as Skull

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Skull Clock

Leave it to Watchismo Times to find the perfect Halloween clock. Created in 1610, this mechanical Skull and Crossbones Clock was designed by Nicolaus Schmidt der Junger from Germany. The skull sits on two crossed bones and is mounted on a gilt brass tripod. One minute the skull appears to smile, then scream, then its jaw snaps shut, while the snakes, located in the eye sockets, take turns appearing and disappearing. Both are operated by cams that rotate twenty times an hour. Recently the antique was sold for $135,000. The clock is located in the top of the skull, just in case you wondered.

(Thanks, Mitch)


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Bleeding Edge TV 132: DATZOO FixDat Car Diagnostics Tool

For anyone not wanting to get screwed by their local auto mechanics shop, DATZOO offers their FixDat personal diagnostics tool. You just hook the device up to your vehicle when you suspect something has gone awry, and it will run a complete diagnostic test on your car to tell you exactly what the deal is. You can then bring your car in for fixing with full knowledge of exactly what’s wrong to make sure it gets fixed, and not broken further. We even get a bonus proof of concept at the end, although it was told by a DATZOO representative, so, you know, grain of salt?