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Elizabeth Taylor Gets a New Barbie Dedicated to Her

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Features,

Elizabeth Taylor's new BarbieElizabeth Taylor has a new Barbie doll dedicated to her.

Toy giant Mattel have honoured the late actress and her charity by creating a unique new doll, which comes with her signature black hair and a glamorous white dress and is named "White Diamonds" after Elizabeth's best-selling perfume.

A red satin ribbon can be seen pinned onto the dress, representing Elizabeth's dedication to helping those living with HIV/AIDS, and the Barbie comes with accessories such as gold jewelry, white sunglasses and a miniature replica bottle of her famous fragrance. The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie doll is available on BarbieCollector.com for $150.

The doll is not the first to be modelled on the late actress, as one has already been produced capturing the look from her hit film "Cleopatra" and another in a semi-sheer sleeveless chiffon violet gown, with a real Swarovski crystal necklace.


Barbie Gets Racy as Lady Gaga

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Celebrities, News,

Lady Gaga's Meat DressFirst came the Christian Louboutin collection, which was odd yet fairly acceptable; however, consumers are quick to see a desperate company in highly publicized collaborations like this. This time, Mattel is grabbing headlines by presenting a series of dolls that represent Lady Gaga's most memorable costumes outfits.

Considering this line's predilection for Gaga's more controversial looks -- the meat dress, the hair extension outfit, her sister's graduation look, and the barely-there caution tape "bodysuit" -- more concern lay in the attention this collection receives rather than what parents and traditional Barbie enthusiasts would prefer to purchase.

Lady Gaga, despite her intense wardrobe, has worn many beautiful and classy dresses (the McQueen dress she wore to the MTV VMAs, for instance) that would have been amazing to see on the iconic doll; yet, the company seems to have placed their standards for quality at an alarmingly low rate.

Either way, check out the rest of the dresses after the jump. They even made one for Beyonce from the "Telephone" video; unfortunately, judging by how little the doll actually resembles Beyonce, it looks like Mattel was not worried about slacking on the now less-popular singer's miniature counterpart.

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Comic Book Jobs: Mattel

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Action Figures, Editorials, DC Comics,

The DemonI don’t think of a toy company like Mattel as having comic book jobs readily available, but then I’m happy to be wrong. The home of Barbie and Hot Wheels is looking for a Senior Level Project Management Associate to “join its team of Product Development professionals within its Action Play team.”

This is all happening down in El Segundo, which sounds like the greatest name for a super-hero, but instead is the name of a city south of Los Angeles.
Mattel’s Action Play team “is a cohesive group of talented and knowledgeable individuals.” If you’re selected you’ll get to work with “some of the finest Toy Design and Development professionals in the industry.” More specifically, you’ll be working on DC Comics properties. Ah ha! So there’s the comic book connection.
They want you to have “experience working for a consumer packaged goods company utilizing plastic materials.” Responsibilities include “oversight of issues pertaining to product schedule, cost, product functionality, and quality.” You’re like the inspector of DC toys for Mattel.
Some might think that’s the coolest job ever, and you’ll get to see the toys long before they reach the shelves, and probably the conceptual ones that don’t make it out of the Action Play meeting room.
Intrigued yet? 

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Marvel Monster Trucks: With Great Power!

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Spidey MobileIf you're a fan of Marvel Comics, then you know about Marvel's monsters like Fin Fang Foom and Tim Boo Bah. But are you ready for Marvel's Monster Trucks?

Well get ready to rumble, you V-8ers, Red Staters and Import Haters!

Marvel Entertainment, no doubt a division that rests somewhere between Marvel Comics and Disney, has expanded its deal with Feld Motor Sports, the motor sports entertainment company (and owners of the Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey Circus, go figure).

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Christian Louboutin Goes to the Dolls

Barbie in Christian Louboutin

For the most iconic and stylish doll around, it was no wonder that Barbie decided to finally team up with famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin. From the looks of the newly-reinvented doll and her photo book diary, Louboutin didn’t let our girl down.

“Barbie has a long history of working with various designers and artists who use Barbie as a muse… It was a natural for Barbie, not only with her fashion heritage, but also because of her passion for shoes. She has a billion shoes and we needed to do something special for her shoe collection,” said Stephanie Cota, senior vice president of marketing of Barbie brands at Mattel.

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Remake News: Masters of the Universe, Soul Train and More

Masters of the Universe: A collaboration between Mattel and Warner Bros. has just fallen through. The two hoped to bring a Masters of the Universe adaptation to the big screen, but the two parties could not agree on the direction. It’s believed the toy company will now bring the He-Man vs. Skeletor story to another studio. John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda) may still be on board to direct.

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Retro Toys Making a Comeback!

Posted by Melissa Trebus Categories: Advice, Humor, Parenting,

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In these current times of economic crisis I have a suggestion for moms and dads trying to come up with new toys for your kids. Go check your parents’ attics! Yesterday, my kids and I went to visit my mom and dad. Late in the afternoon I noticed that the kids were being very quiet upstairs. When I went up to check on them I was surprised at what I found. They had gotten into an old box of my brothers’ and my toys and found tons of things to play with!  My daughter had gotten out My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, and even Barbies. My son had discovered my brothers’ endless supplies of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were having a blast. The thing they were excited about was that these were the same toys they play with at home, just older versions. Sure enough, retro-toys are back in style. Thanks Mattel, Hasbro, and whoever else thought to bring back the toys from the 80s. Even though my daughter couldn’t understand why Barbie was wearing leg warmers (hey they were cool in 1986) and the lead paint was chipping off Optimus Prime, they had hours of fun.

Parade: Celebrities Earn 115 Times More Than You

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Parade magazine will soon release a “What People Earn” issue which details the income earned by Hollywood’s elite for the fiscal year of 2008, a year which was extremely rough on the finances of many average Americans.

The issue reports that Jennifer Aniston earned a hefty $27 million, which trumps the paltry $2.25 mill raked in during 2008. Taylor Swift out-earned Brit with $5.5 million, which still pales when compared to Beyonce’s stunning $80 million in earnings.

So who’s the biggest star of them all, the top earner for the year 2008? Is it , Will Smith, Donald Trump? The winner, earning the most in the last calendar year, is Mattel with a whopping $3.3 billion. Barbie - still hot after all these years. Now, that’s star power.

According to the issue, celebrity salaries trump the average American’s yearly earnings by an extreme amount: the stars earn around 115 times more money than you do. Too bad about the recession - Barbie might’ve made it up to 4 billion on the year.

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Amazon aims to eliminate hard-to-open packaging

Amazon wrap rage

After years upon years of frustrated purchasers cutting themselves on clamshell plastic cases, a company has stood up and proclaimed “No more!”. This morning, a letter from CEO Jeff Bezos appeared on the main page of the site, informing visitors that the company will now be working with leading manufacturers to deliver products “inside smaller, easy-to-open, recyclable cardboard boxes with less packaging material (and no frustrating plastic clamshells or wire ties).” They are calling it “Frustration-free Packaging.” Really? Could a world really exist where you can simply buy a product, open a box, and easily remove said product from said box—without having to scour the immediate vicinity for a box cutter? We know, it sounds too good to be true. We applaud Amazon for standing up for both the environment, and our cut up fingers.

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Mattel Continues Recalls with Barbie Accessories

Lead Test KitOnce again, Mattel has recalled over 800,000 items made in China with lead paint. This time the targets are Barbie accessories, Geo Trax Engines, and Big Big World 6-in-1 Bongo Band toys. CEO Robert Eckert gives the usual obligatory “I’m sorry” and “You have my promise…” on the company site, but it really makes you wonder when/if the recall will be over.

While we would like to think that this will end the matter, somehow we don’t think it is a complete solution. What can we as consumers do? We can write to our legislators and contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to ask for stricter control. We also suggest you go to your nearest hardware store and pick up or order online a Lead Test Kit, which retails for only about $4.00. If you find a toy and can identify the brand, contact the company and/or send them the part. We certainly no longer agree with their old tagline “If it’s Mattel, it’s Swell.”

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